Is Eucalan necessary?


I’m using a pattern for making a cowl. The pattern suggests using Brown Sheep Burly Spun Yarn which is 100% wool. The pattern says that I should wash the cowl with Eucalan. Is the Eucalan necessary or could I just use any other soap (as for delicates)? I don’t want to ruin the yarn!
Also, I’m afraid washing the cowl will wash away the color, how do I avoid this? My mom used to say that soaking a fabric in water with a lot of table salt will fix the colors, but again, I don’t know if I should do that with wool.
Are other things that I should keep in mind with knitting with 100% wool? (I’ve just started knitting a couple months ago and have only used acrylic and cotton yarns)


I’ve heard that Woolite can be harsh, but I don’t know. I use Eucalan for my hand washables, but there are other brands that are just as good. Soak is one. I’m not sure about Soak, but I know Eucalan doesn’t require rinsing although I do a little bit.

That said I think as long as you’re careful any wool wash would be okay.

Wool is fine in any delicate wash or soap. Euclan is very nice to use but I’ve used other washes on wool without any problem. The dye in wool may or may not run with washing. My experience is that it usually doesn’t but every now and then I find one that does. You could wash some of the wool or a swatch and let it dry on a paper towel to see what your yarn does in cool water and your soap. What is the yarn that you’re using?

Hi! Thanks for your answers!

I’m using Brown Sheep Burly Spun Yarn (

Eucalan and Soak are ‘no rinse’ products and could be okay for the first time, but when washing after wearing you’d probably want to rinse the dirt out. A gentle shampoo (not baby shampoo, it’s actually harsh) works well, and adding hair conditioner or vinegar (which will also set the colors, but I don’t think you need to worry about that) to the rinse will soften the wool a little too.

I’ve knit with lots of Brown Sheep wool in saturating colors and never had a problem with the color washing out or running. Still, good to try your yarn out in the wash first.

That is 100% wool and a single ply. Whatever you do wash [I]gently[/I] in cool water. Don’t rub it together or you may end up with a felted FO.