Is DK weight yarn thinner than worsted

I have a pattern that calls for DK weight yarn, it’s a top, is DK weight half way between worsted and baby yarn?

I can’t find any info on the net…thanks a lot!!!


It’s similar to sport weight, maybe a hair thinner.

Sport is thinner than DK, but they’re both between baby weight and worsted.

I haven’t used DK so I’m not sure if this will help, but I have this bookmarked. Its for yarn standards used by yarn industry, and tells about the various wights.

Heeheehee, this is where it pays to know the old names/weights. I’ve put the most common references I’ve heard first, and AKA’s in brackets.
3 ply-Baby, (fingering, lace)
4 ply-baby, (sock, fingering)
5ply-sock, (Sport)
8ply-DK :woot: (BTW, it’s known as Double Knitting because it’s double the weight of 4ply/baby/sock weight. Although I don’t know why 4ply was so important as to be the standard.)
10ply-Worsted (Aran)
12ply-Bulky (Chunky)
14ply±Super Bulky (Super chunky)
however, now you get nonply and novelty yarns the ply rating is being phased out over here (personlly I like it. what’s wrong with saying “equiverlent to”)

I just got The Knitter’s Book of Yarn and the information they have on plies shows that you can have 4 ply yarns anywhere from fingering on up. A single ply can be very thin or much thicker.

Here’s some online info.

And you can see here that it depends on where you live, too.

While, that’s true, the old UK ply system for yarn weights is still used in NZ and Australia today and somewhat in the UK. So a US 4 ply can be just about any weight, as can a single or 3 ply. Using ply in this manner refers to how many smaller strands make up a yarn. So it’s always a good idea to check the origin of any pattern, and go by the gauge and needles used in it to determine yarn weight and what to substitute for the original.

[COLOR="#300090"][B][U]Yarn weight standards[/U][/B]

[B][U]UK/USA/Aus/NZ limited conversions[/U][/B]

I look for the number on the lable for DK is on some “sport” skeins I’ve seen recently. The skeins I’ve seen with “baby” on the lable had logos.

Apparently there has been a push by Craft Yarn Council of America to get these standarized sizing logos onto the lables. I ran across notes about it at

–Jack :guyknitting: