Is Berroco Comfort Sock yarn a good yarn 4 socks?

Picked up a couple of skeins awhile back but haven’t done anything with them yet. (I’m one of those who can’t stand the feel of wool.) Any thoughts? TIA


It looks like that kind of yarn doesn’t actually have any wool in it, so you’d probably be OK with making it into socks if you want to…I’m sensitive to wool as well, but synthetics don’t bother me.

Or perhaps you could make a lacy scarf or small shawl of some kind.

I used it for two pairs of socks and it was lovely to work with. I love the whole Comfort line-especially the Comfort DK. GO FOR IT!!:muah:

I’m making myself a pair of sock out of it right now and really like the feel of it on my foot as I try it on. It doesn’t seem as stretchy as some sock yarns I used, but it could also be this new pattern I am trying.

I don’t care for acrylic for socks, but I do love the Comfort line of yarns. They are very soft and non-itchy! I can do wool on my feet because feet are much less sensitive, but if I wanted to use something other than wool I think I’d go with a blend that is more cotton than wool, but that’s probably just me. :teehee:

Thanks so much everybody for your thoughts. :slight_smile: I was so impressed with how soft it was at the store and paid $8.95 per skein. Later I saw that it was cheaper online, but then with the shipping… maybe it all evens out in the end. Anyway, I’ll definitely do socks with them. It’s great making two of them at a time on two circs 'cause they’re completed at the same time… no more orphan socks laying around! Yay!

Thanks again,

your feet can’t breathe so it may cause odor issues:blooby: