Is anyone else out there upset that Walmart is discontinueing their caron yarn and their cream and sugar yarn! :(

:shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
This makes me very sad.

Peaches and Cream, sugar and cream is another brand, and not all of it - at least at my store there’s only a few colors marked down. And a lot of the baby yarns and some Lion. Yes, it’s too bad, but buy what you think you can use while the prices are good.

They’re getting rid of all the Lion here, which means I stocked up on Lion Wool since that is what I use for socks and hats. It will bug me later when I’m finally out and can’t run out locally to get more, or when I need to fix a hole in a pair of socks.

The Caron bugs me a little because I was just getting into using it I did grab a couple extra for a sweater I’ve started.
I didn’t notice Peaches and Cream being marked down. If it is I’ll have to stock up on that too.

The Bernat is also going here and that one does bug me since that was one I used to crochet soft acrylics. I don’t have anything in mind and the skeins are so small that I doubt if they would have enough to make something out of.

I don’t trust them to keep any yarn so I’m going to have to buy the rest of what I need to finish a Red Heart afghan I started before I got sidetracked knitting.

I ran in to our wal-mart yesterday for Mustard :teehee: and found out that all the yarn had been put on clerance except the sugar yarn…all needles/bags/books/ everything…to bad it was all picked over…they only had 2skeins of Caron left. I have a lys here but wal-mart is it for the other types of yarn…now I either have to drive 40 mins or have s/h charges :wall:

I use caron a lot for my kids.

Yep. I’m bummed out. I use lots Caron for my projects. I could count on Wal-Mart to get a quick skien or two. Now if I want yarn of any sort I’ll have to drive over 75 miles to get it. Gosh, I sometimes I hate being in such a rural area. Thank goodness for internet shopping or I’d probably have to give up knitting.

Naw! I’d find a way.

I bought a ton of simply soft and bernat softee chunky. Some of the peaches & cream were marked down. I really didn’t need more yarn right now but it was so cheap! my wal-mart’s haven’t clearanced anything lion brand yet.

Holy crap- are all Wal-marts doing this? That’s where I get most of my yarn.

they’re phasing out their craft departments (and all service departments) so that when they go to super centers (like they all plan to) it’ll be “easier”.

fine, they don’t need my money. A target is opening up in the next town over a week from sunday and i’ll just buy my yarn from AC Moore

I’m a little disappointed but I have a Hobby Lobby I can go to. I absolutely LOVE Caron Simply Soft and my one Walmart is all out of it. I have to go check the other one still. Plus hobby Lobby has a HUGE yarn section.

If I need woll I normally order from Knit Picks and spend $50 so I cn get free shipping.

Well look at it this way… the shipping charges are probably about the same as 2 gallons of gas, which is about what you’d use to drive 50-60 miles to the closest source of SS. So some of you might save in the long run. I have a Hobby Lobby here, so I can get it here, but I would use the 40% coupon to buy it at the same price WM had as its regular price. Anyway, I bought about 7 skeins of it so I’m stocked up for now.

They got rid of their cross-stitch supplies a while back - no more running out to get embroidery floss when I run out. Next week, we’re getting a Michael’s which will cut my current 20-mile drive for a stupid skein of embroidery floss to about 6 miles. :slight_smile:

I usually buy my Caron, Bernat, etc. from You can almost always find a free shipping or % off coupon if you google “joann” and “coupon” (without the quotes).

They have a pretty large selection of colors, and also have Vanna’s Choice, which is about the same softness as Caron SS and has harder to find colors.

Sugar n Cream and Bernat Handicrafter, which are the same yarns labeled by different companies, can also be purchased there with many on-line only colors.

Hope this helps!

There are other places you can get it online with good shipping prices too

I have used they have a flat fee of 5.99, so I buy a bunch and stock up. I just look at what I’m planning to make and get it all at once, then the shipping is spread out. And at the price it’s just 2 gallons of gas…

I was wondering why EVERYTHING was on clearance. there’s almost nothing left. I had a feeling they were getting rid of the section. Walmart is 2 mins away and michaels and hobby lobby are 25 min away. That’s what sucks! It’s CLOSE

Mail ordering with a CC helps me get more “woman” junk mail. :slight_smile:

It’s not so bad when I’m following a pattern but I’ve even had patterns underestimate the yarn needed.

But mail order will get me to get around and buy some yarns Wally World didn’t carry.
Of course if I would just work on all the stuff I already have yarn for it would take years before I’d have to worry about it.

I was just at our Wal-Mart store and the crafty lady told me the CSS is on sale there because they are getting in new skeins of CSS in a different oz size:nails: probably less yarn for more money :!!!:.She said they are NOT closing the craft department in my Wal-Mart.:woohoo::woot:

the yarn they are getting in is in bigger skeins but its the baby stuff… its’ not the chunky softee… I dont understand… it is obviously a popular product… and the Walmart stores that I go to 1/2 hr apart from each other are already super duper stores that have no reason to downsize… :frowning:

They’re going to be carrying Vanna’s choice yarn. That seems to be an okay yarn, lots of good colors and won’t be expensive. But not chunky.

My wal-mart is a super center already…:think:

but maybe that’s what it is (bigger skeins)… that’s good 'cause it’s nice to be able to run out that day when you need another skein or want to a start a sweater for the kids :teehee:

I seen Vanna’s choice the last time we over towards Joanns…it felt pretty soft but I didn’t get any that day…so I haven’t worked with it, yet

I like the Vanna’s Choice yarn.

I do like yarns being carried at Walmart because most podunk towns (like mine) don’t have a craft or yarn store and it’s convenient. (plus, I told my husband that every time he buys another little hot wheels for my son, my daughter & I get a new ball of Peaches & Creme. MWAH HA HA This even reduces her stealing from my stash. Sometimes.)

Michaels (about 10 miles away) is too expensive unless there’s a sale, we don’t have Joann’s here although I have heard of them, and Hobby Lobby is about 25 miles away (although I love it)