Is anyone else getting the itch to knit/crocher for fall?

I keep seeing all the new fall merchandise out there. all the stores are clearancing out the summer merchandise~ anybody else got the urge to knit scarves and or crochet baby blankets and hats?

Fall and winter are my [I]favorite[/I] times to knit and crochet, so I’m all geared up!

Yep, I got lots of projects lined up already. Just got a few things to finish up and then I start!
Hopefully if I start soonish enough I can have some xmas presents ready for xmas!:pray:

my lys had their X-mas open house today… getting everything ready for that time…

I’ve selected patterns and have started… But I love knitting year round… so I basically just change weight of yarn… or turn the a/c down very very low, lol

I have the itch and a load of WIP going.

I never stop!

Neither do I! Fall and winter are just my favorite times to knit. I knit intently all year long.

i had a couple summer tops I was knitting. I frogged them and have reserved the yarn for fall sweaters, hats scarves…

I am a HUUUGE fall/winter lover, so I was already anxious for summer to end.

Same here. :mrgreen::blooby:

I am in no way, shape or form ready for fall or winter to come, but I always knit for it since it’s inevitable.:pout:

You know that explains why i haven’t been able to get on it with my knitting like i have knitters block or something…the season is too warm. I’ve been knitting for almost a year and this is my first warm season that i’ve been knitting in and i don’t think i like doing light knits for warm weather wear which explains why i’ve been trying to make bags. I’ve been stocking up for my winter knits but i haven’t actually started anything for the cold weather. i should probably just go ahead and start knitting them so when it does get cold i’ll have my warm knits ready to go for whomever it should be for. :teehee:

I’ve been knitting heavy sweaters like crazy, even though it’s been in the hundreds here! I know the weather will cool off, and since I’m not a fast knitter, I’m starting them now!

Its funny that you brought this up:) I just finished my first hat for my “Hats and mittens” Christmas theme. I have a ton of little ones (including my own) to knit for…so I’m starting early:) Every year I pick a theme, last year was “JAMMIES FOR EVERYONE!” this year I’m going to knit as many gifts as I can (since last year I was still pretty new to it all…and just had a baby…lol)

I have a box of KP Sierra and a pattern for my DS’s Christmas sweater. As soon as I’m finished with the neighbor boys’ Christmas mittens and hats, I’m starting the sweater. Woo Hoo!!

[B]You bet I’m ready. I just hope my skin doesn’t go so dry again! Every year it dies out so bas that it cracks around my cuticles. Does anyone have the lotion for thatr


Susan, try the Burt’s Bees line of stuff. I have cuticle cream, specifically, but they have fabulous stuff. :heart:

I may’ve bought over $100 worth of Malabrigo on Firday to make a sweater. :shifty: Just saying.


I’m in summer mode which means I only knit dish clothes and small things that don’t heat up in my lap. :teehee: The thought of 98 degree heat with 89% humidity and having a wool sweater on my lap for a few hours is frightening. Even though we have AC, I still can’t get into knitting big wintery stuff in summer, the feeling just isn’t there. Now when we get our first burst of cool weather us Floridians will be knitting away like maniacs, of course that comes sometime around December for those of us further south. :ick: