Is anyone dressing up for Halloween?

A couple of my girlfriends invited me to go to a Halloween party with them. I’m not really big on costumes, but I thought I’d make an effort this year.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some costumes, preferably inexpensive and easy to put together. I suppose I could just put on some scrubs and a lab coat, like I’ve done in the past, but I wanna do something more creative than that.

I am going as Ginny Weasley this year (from Harry Potter)

There are lots of cute little somethings you can put together…one year my Fiancee went as Corporate Pirate, just dressed up in a business suit, with a bandana and eyepatch.

One year he went as The Dark Load. We made him a “Staff of Softness” (a dowel wrapped in old black T’s and screwed a Downy Ball on top, for a staff) and I Ironed on the NO BLEACH symbol on an old Gray shirt. We then attached a bunch of black and dark load kinda stuff to him (like socks) and gave him a dark blue towl as a cape…it was funny…

Then there are all the ones we all just talked about…like dressing in blue and attaching cottonballs to yourself and walk around with a spray bottle…you would be “Cloudy with showers”

There is always the “Hello my name is GOD” sticker, which requires nothing in prep…

I read somewhere about someone who just took a ball of yarn, wrapped it around herself and stuck two needles in her hair and called herself a ball of yarn…

There are a lot of little cute things you can pull together cheaply…most of them play on words…

A friend of mine once dressed in sweats and taped balled up white paper all over her outfit… she was “white trash”. Not very PC, but it was funny. :slight_smile:

A friend of mine once dressed in black sweats and then used masking tape to form a skeleton – just added some face paint to make it complete.

Last year I went as a goth girl – I used a dark Halloween T-shirt I already had and went to Goodwill to get some chunky shoes and a dark skirt – spent $8 I think. In fact my skirt didn’t fit very well so I used safety pins to make it work, totally in theme. A dog collar, temp tats, messy hair and dark makeup (all stuff I had) made the image complete. Everyone loved it.

I think I’ll dress up as a knitting trucker this year …

or is that trucking knitter? :mrgreen:

I have never been into Halloween. Even as a kid, I would rather stay home than dress up and trick or treat.

One of the best costumes that I ever saw was at a Rice University Halloween Party. This girl dressed up like the 610 loop. That’s a highway that loops around of Houston. Anyway, she wore grey sweats and then had a hula hoop (spray painted grey) attached to fishing wire that hung across both shoulders. She had painted yellow dashed lines along the hula hoop and glued matchbox cars along it.
Clever costume.

i love clever costumes!

i had a friend once go as a tea bag. he got some mesh like material and sewed them together into two big bags and filled them with leaves from the yard, then stitched the top and added some straps to wear over the shoulders.

we are having a party at our house. My housemate managed to get a cheap mummy costume. My friend is just gonna get a witch’s hat and broom. I bought vampire fangs and a wig - figure i can just wear a black dress or something and get some red facepaint for blood.

I’m dressing up as a football fan (my son has a football game that night).
How about dressing up as a Lego? I can’t take credit for the idea, I saw this in a magazine at the doctor’s office. Get a box, cut out head and arm holes, attached empty butter or cool whip bowls and spray paint in your color of choice.

I am working our church’s fall festival and will be wearing a costume – if I can think of what to make!

tape or carefully staple green balloons to a T shirt, and then use some dark eye makeup to give yourself a “shiner” on one eye… then you can be a black-eyed pea.

OR, use purple baloons, and cut out some leaves from green construction paper, and be a bunch of grapes

OR use all white baloons, get a shower cap, and carry a rubber duckie… to be a soap bubble.

I’m a preschool teacher and for our class party I’m usually a butterfly. I wear a black shirt, black pants, and black shoes. I made antennae using a headband and black chenille stems and for the finishing touch, I have sparkly butterfly wings! This year though, I think I’m going to be a sleepy preschooler and wear my jammies, carry a blankie and a stuffed animal. :teehee:

my fav costume is a "shade"
I put on silver face makeup
and a dark cape and dark colored clothes
the silver pain makes the facial tone dissapear
just a shade of a face
looks wrong, yet VERY cool


I don’t dress up for Halloween, and my kids aren’t allowed to do gore or scary.

However, last year my daughter dressed up as Urkel (the nerd). She put on dh’s pants, way up high with a belt, and one of his button down shirts with a tie. She put masking tape on a pair of glasses and slid them down to the edge of her nose. She also did something with her socks and shoes.

It was cute, imho.

I believe the official term is “Trucking Knitter” as you do more trucking than knitting. Or do you? :roflhard:

:rofl: That depends. There are some days, like today, when I am just sitting around waiting for a load where I do a lot of knitting and zero trucking. Been sitting here in Carlisle, PA since yesterday morning.

Spent the first 14 years of my life just NW of there. I was born in Ebensburg east of Johnstown. Very pretty area. Bet the trees are pretty right now.

Yeah the fall colors are really starting to show. Finally made it out of there today, am just a bit West of Akron for the night tonight.

The Dark Load?

I love it! That made my day! I have dressed my son as a washing machine using a box and gluing mismatches socks all over it. I used foil for the knobs. Cheap and fun.

I usually go as Mother Earth- with my long, green gown and a grapevine wreath with leaves and flowers on my head.
(I would dress like that every day if it were more practical!)

I’m loving all these easy ideas. My DH asked (YESTERDAY, thank you!) for pirate costumes! ACH! It’s very hard to pull that off convincingly with very little time and even less money! What makes me a good knitter makes me a BAD costume designer: attention to detail! In order to pull of the pirate theme convincingly it’s going to take the right shoes/boots, jewelry, hair & make-up, etc. Nothing ruins a convincing costume like a pair of street shoes sticking out from under it! Wha’doIdo?

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