Is all wool warmer than wool/silk?

I want to knit my dad a vest for his birthday and I’m shopping for yarn. I was wondering if a 50/50 blend of wool/silk would be as warm as 100% wool? I’m guessing no, but I seem to remember that somebody said that silk was very warm.


i too am fairly certain i read that silk is as warm as wool, just not as elastic, which is why a 50/50 blend is great. i would go for it if you really love the yarn. he’s probably going to layer anyhow, and a touch of silk would make it that much nicer :slight_smile:

skiers, skaters, and generally winter outdoorsy people buy silk long underwear. It’s a natural fiber, wicks away moisture and is comfortable against the skin and good for layering. I would imagine the 50/50 blend will be plenty warm for a Montreal winter. Besides, it’s gonna be so soft and cuddly.