Is acrylic yarn safe for cats?

I am planning to start making cat toys for the craft shows I sell my knitted things at. I have a question: is acrylic yarn safe for cats? If not, what type of yarn should I use to make cat toys?



That’s all I’ve used for cats myself. Any yarn or scraps you have of other fibers would work, too. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

My family has lots of cats.
Most yarn :yarn: itself is safe for cat as for humans even though we chew it less,
The problem is if a cat has a ball and starts eating it and a lengthy amount makes it down.
But knitted toys should be fine.
The other day two of my cats in turn “snipped of my threads” as the Beatrix Potter story goes while I was knitting.
The thing I really wanted to tell you is that some cats are crazy for wool. ( can’t leave a wool sweater out for fear of attacks and chewing crazy)
So a selection might be nice :smiley_cat:


Cats should never play with loose yarn without supervision, but knitted toys are usually fine. As always check for damage now and then though.

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Acrylic is fine but you can also use cotton.

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Thanks for the advice and suggestions! :grinning:

I would suggest Red Heart Supersaver yarn. It’s scratchy and most people hate it. But it holds up really well for rough housing cat toys. They especially like filling it up with cellophane rather than stuffing because it makes noise. I would not recommend jingle bells as this is a choking hazard.


Thank you! :slight_smile: Where can I find cellophane?

Cellophane would be Found in the gift wrap section of the store. Dollar Tree usually carries it.

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Thanks for letting me know!