Is a "finger mitt" possible

I am new to knitting, but I have a dear friend who had a accident at work and cannot use his finger. It sticks out straight and gets very cold. I would like to know if it is possible to make a mitt for his finger so it does not get so cold. I would appreciate any help and advice. Thanks a bunch. :??

You mean just a little “finger sweater” kind of thing? Sure, just make a tube that will fit the finger. I would think that a ribbed one might stay on the best.

Thank you very much I will look into how to do that. You help is very much appreciated :sun:

And, if you want to be really creative, try finding some finger puppets. I bet those would work the same and be entertaining :teehee:

I remember a pattern in one of the Knit.1 mags that was just fingers, no gloves - they were really cute! It was in the space age section of the magazine, I think… I’ll look it out if you like?