Is a 24 inch needle long enough to CO 78

or will it be awkward? I need something to work on while my students are taking a test.

(By the way, the yarn is worsted…)


Yes, I would think so. I am doing a straight knitting sweater and I have 102 st on a 24" cable.

Yup, I would think you’d be fine!

:shock: That is what I looked like when I read, is a is 24inch needle long enough. :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: All I could see was this long straight needle dragging on the floor:passedout:. Maybe I shouldn’t read so early in the morning, or I need a new brain :roflhard:. :waving:


Definitely I am knitting a blanket right now in worsted a 24" and it has 380 sts on it as we speak.

Worsted yarn is usually 4-5 sts per inch so that means 78 co would make it somewhere between 19.5" to 15.6" depending on your gauge, so a 24" needle would definitely be long enough if you’re knitting in the flat. If you’re knitting something circular I would say to go down to a 16" to make sure you can fit it all the way around… depending on your gauge of course.

Yikes! I hope the yarn isn’t black! :eyes:

:rofl: Fortunately for me no it is not.