Irish Hiking Wristwarmers - WIP

Found the pattern here:

I picked up the yarn today (Encore Worsted!) and my size 8 straight needles and got to work.

I already have the first completed. Granted, it’s not seamed yet but I’m still overjoyed to have it done. :slight_smile: This is a gift for someone and yet another project I’m brokenhearted over giving away. It’s turned out so great so far that I want it keep it for myself. Ha ha…

How do you think this is going so far? Ok for a beginner?? Crossed Fingers

I think it looks great!



Those are very nice cables!

You seem to be as nice as I am (ahem), giving things away that you’d rather keep. One of these days I will knit something for myself. Out of Malabrigo.

Your work is lovely and very neat…well done x

it looks great! Can’t wait to get into cables!

Cables are SOOOO easy! You’ll love them!

Yeah, I have a few things I’d like to make for myself, but I doubt it will ever happen. Ha…I just don’t have time to do something for myself.

Looks good!!

That is such a neat pattern. Very simple to do, but very effective it the outcome. Your cables look very nice, and your yarn is lovely.

Looks great! I think your cables turned out beautifully.