Irish Hiking Scarf Q's

on the Irish Hiking Scarf, if i go down a needle size to make it more narrow, will it be negatively affected?

also, can a use a needle-head from my interchangeable set as a cable needle?

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No, it won’t, it’ll just be a bit tighter.

Yes, you can use the interchangeable tip as a cable needle, I’ve done it :thumbsup:

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The only problem i ever found with trying to use the interchangeable points is that the point ends up on the wrong side when you go to knit them off again. it isn’t impossible to do but it was a little annoying to me.

that’s what made me figure out how to do cables with a cable needle actually. :smiley:

Do you mean without?..

Remember that cables are harder to work when they’re tighter. And I think they look more distorted as well. If the Irish scarf recommends a certain gauge and wool, that’s probably best. To narrow it I’d change the cables, or what I think is better, use a slightly thinner wool that fits your slightly thinner needles.


I’ve used a toothpick as a cable needle as all mine are pretty fat and I was trying to cable 3-ply and the cable needle would have stretched it too much

it doesnt bother me as long as i’m just sliding off, and not actually trying to knit with the wrong point

i’m testing out using the 7’s on a headband, and the cables are turning out just fine. I wouldn’t know but as u said they probably wouldn’t be so tight to knit off the cable needle if i had used 8’s. thanx for the tip though! i’ll be sure to use a finer yarn if i need to go down another needle size