Irish Hiking scarf - how long?

In my first attempt at cables I am knitting an Irish Hiking scarf. If I put it around my neck it falls to about my waist right now. How long should a good scarf be? I typically knit until I am out of yarn, but for this project I bought plenty of yarn b/c I was out-of-state and am planning on making cable mittens to match. Any suggestions on scarf length are greatly appreciated.

I’ve read that scarves are supposed to be about the same length as your height.

I’d say put it on and see how it looks the way you like to wear it. If around your neck and hanging to your waist is how you like it, stop now. If you’re going to throw one side up over your shoulder, will it reach as long as you want it? If not, knit a little more.

I’ve read recommended scarf lengths from 5-7 feet, so I’m guessing it mostly depends on personal preference and style.

That is such a personal perference question - you ask 100 people you’ll get 100 different answers. Are you making it for youself? Is it the length YOU want a scarf to be? How do you usually wear a scarf? Some people will loop it thru itself at the front, some people have a end hang down their back, bring it around front and have the other end cross around and hang down their back on the other side, then there is the fold in half, bring around neck to front and pull the 2 ends thru the loop people. Some people want long tails, some want short.

It sounds like you are at a pretty good general length, though, for most scarfs.

It does depend on how you like to wear them; I like mine around my height give or take about 6 inches.

Thank you for your replies - if I knit it to my height I have another 10" or so to go(:woohoo: cause I’m on call at the hosp and this was the project I brought with me).
I know it is a matter of personal preference (and yes, this one is for ME) but I am no a huge scarf wearer and all the other ones I’ve knit have been for other people. I typically only wear scarves with my dress coat so they are relatively short. Since this is my first attemtp at cables, I’m keeping this one, and it is a burgandy alpaca I want to make it a great length that will allow me to wear it everywhere all winter.
you guys are the BEST !

That sounds about right. I usually knit my scarves so that they’ll measure from one hand to the other if I stretch out my arms, which is about 60". I’m 5’3" tall which is 63 inches.