Irish hiking scarf -- blocking question

Hello everyone,

I am beginning the irish hiking scarf and wondered if it will be necessary to block it when completed. I am using 100% wool (Plymouth Outback) – but if I decide to do another one with a wool blend, will it still be ok if I have to block it? I am also doing cables for the first time. Any hints or suggestions to a first timer on cables? Thank you!


Blocking always makes a big difference to the finished look of anyhting knit with a fibre containing enough natural content. You can find lots of good instructions on the Net - try Knitty for an introduction.
Um… for cables… well they’re not as hard as you’d think so don’t be discouraged. Be careful not to split your yarn when you’re transferring the stitches. Once you have a good understanding of what you’re doing and how, you may find it worth learning to cable without a cable needle. That extra needle can be fiddly.
If you knit tightly and find the stitches too stiff to rearrange, try knitting the cable stitches a bit more loosely on the row before you cable.


Thank you for the info. Sarah! I am going to try to cable without a needle. I did see some instruction regarding that and am anxious to see how it works. Right now I am using a circular needle for my cable needle, and it is going ok. Thanks for your input!