Irish Cottage Knitting

I read the AntiCraft from time to time and going through the archives, I found a video that they made of the Yarn Harlot knitting.

This is a link to the blog entry. Good God in heaven she’s fast!

I knit Continental, but this seems like a very efficient way to knit and I’ll probably try it some day.

I’ve been watching that video recently too!

However, I feels really weird hold my right needle over the back of my hand like she does, and I can’t imagine how it would work with circular needles or even straights once you have a needle full of stitches :?? I have been inspired to practice throw knitting with my conti though!:slight_smile:

That is an awesome video! Thanks for sharing it! It’d sure help if I could knit that fast, lol :knitting:

How does she hold her yarn in her right hand.