Ipod sock help

Hey guys–I posted this pattern in the pattern section but I also asked for help and I’m not getting a lot of help so I thought I’d re-create the post here:


She says to knit using 3mm needles and “double knitting wool”…does she mean two strands of wool or is this a type of wool that I’m not aware exists?? I’m trying the pattern itself in some basic acrylic yarn just to get the idea of it…if you know what this means, could you please let me know!! TIA!!!

DK wool, or double knitting is about half the thickness of worsted weight–closer to what some companies call sport weight.

thank you thank you thank you…I’m not exactly yarn savvy yet–I still have a lot to learn! :slight_smile: Any suggestions on which brand makes a good dk yarn?

It depends on what you’re looking for, content-wise. Plymouth Encore makes a nice dk weight, that’s machine washable and dryable–its a wool/acrylic blend–comes in lots of colors, too.

There are so many out there, though. If you’re looking for something else, try www.yarndex.com It can give other options.