Ipod armband holder for running

My husband wants “something” to hold his satellite radio walkman thing while he runs. It is roughly the size of an ipod, but much thicker. He wants something that will go around his upper arm, and hold it snug. I was looking at some ipod “cozies” but none of them look like they are sturdy enough to hold the player without it flopping forward. Also, he wants the arm band to be adjustable (so his hulking muscles aren’t straained, I guess :rollseyes: ) And, of course, it has to be cool enough so that it doesn’t make him hot, non-itchy, AND i have to be able to wash it.

We often have these conversations that start with "hey, can you make me something that… " and usually end with “No, I don’t know what you want, go buy one” OR “no, something like that can not be made, go buy one”

Anyway, any ideas?

With something that expensive I would be kinda afraid to knit one of those. Yeah you are right, it probably would flop over. What you could do is maybe knit a rectangle that is a little smaller than the radio, so that the holder would have to stretch to fit it inside and maybe add a flap at the top with a button to ensure it doesn’t pop out. For the armband … hmmm… I would make the armband almost as thick as the holder to ensure that it would stay put. How heavy is it? I have never held an ipod before. Do they weigh as much as a walkman ???

Maybe that will help lol. Running with toys scares me lmao… :roflhard: where are my scissors ??? :wink:

Lonnie bought the arm band with his Ipod (Ipods is more correct :wink: ) he wasn’t even going to ask me to knit anything to hold it :frowning: …LOL, of course, that’s okay, bc I would be in the same spot u r in Hilde. I’m sorry…I’ve not seen anything that would work :thinking: I’ll look around

I would say that the only way a knit item would be strong enough to hold an mp3 player while running would be felted. I personally would not want to wear a wool armband while running. I’d send him off to the store to buy one.


ooooooooh talk amy into giving up the pattern for her headband she made! i bet he would be cute in that! :rofling:

:roflhard: :rofling:

i would just buy one that is made for that.

i run with my iPod and the though of something knit against my arm makes me sweaty. :roflhard:

See, that’s what I thought too. And the thing is bigger and thicker than an ipod, it’s not a slim. He did buy this stretchy stuff, and wantd me to sew velcro on it and then “do something” to hold the radio thing… Maybe if I knitted/felted a hilder for the radio and then sewed that to the armband thingy he already has? The velcro would keep in on and make it semi adjustable…

Sheesh. Learn to knit and sew and all of a sudden, people want “things”. Can you make a “thing” that will… and … I need a “thing” for my…

ARRGGHHH. WTF is a THING anyway??? :mad:

:slight_smile: thanks people!

ARRGGHHH. WTF is a THING anyway???

omg we have a “thing 2” we got in a cereal box… Cheddar (orange kitty) LOVES to play with it… it’s funny, because Thing2 will go into hiding for a while… and then suddenly, there he is. DH always says “I see Thing 2 has returned” … okay it’s one of those you-have-to-be-there moments I guess. I think it’s hilarious :slight_smile:

:smiley: Animals are too, too funny…I agree :wink:

OOOOOOOOOOOOO is he a Howard fan??? If so, I will be his best friend! If not, then disregard! (I just didn’t think XM had a portable unit yet… :thinking: )

howard :?? We got the portable unit in January, it’s great! Apparently, though, it’s too heavy to hold in your HAND while running…

Howard (of the Stern variety) isn’t on XM…he is exclusive to Sirius.

My XM rarely leaves my car…and rarely leaves Air America! (shocked anybody? :rofling: )

I can’t live without Sirius…love it love it love it!!

What I meant by this:

is I’m assuming Hildie has Sirius because I didn’t know if XM had a portable unit yet…

it seems like my friend has been trying to convince me for over a year to get him the unit from XM that would allow him to go running while listening to it…but even if they didn’t they do have the Inno now which is a satellite radio and MP3 player in one. :happydance:

I stumbled upon an IPOD case that might work. I found it on www.GrabitProducts.com. It is an armband for runners. It fits the larger “Video version” and has some adjustments for the thin or thick versions of the Video IPOD. It might work for you. It is sweat resistant and can be washed or wiped off. Mine is pink, but it comes in black too. I like it because it has a storage tube for an ID when I run out-of-town. The tube also holds money or keys for my car and house. It beats trying to knit one or pearl two.