iPhone - not a single topic here?

I can’t believe I’m the first to post… No one else has gotten sucked into needing the latest and greatest technology?

It is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

It looks cool, but would you believe…ND doesn’t have the service yet to support it.:?? Nothing like perpetuating the myth we’re in the covered wagon era here…:teehee:

You know, when I think about what it can do, all I see is $$ for the cost of the extra services.

In November, I traded in my old cell phone for a Fusic, an mp3 player, phone, camera, and camcorder. It was an upgrade for me, but I still won’t pay extra for the online services that are available. I’m happy with what I’ve got (for a change :wink: )!

I added it up and have spent less money on different devices to do all the same stuff. I prefer to keep the devices separate. I’d hate to not be able to make a phone call because I drained the battery listening to music.

Maybe if they decide to actually include a changeable battery it might be worth it, but as it is now I’d rather have separate devices.

At a recent bday party for dh’s boss, about 8 people got our cameral phones ready when they put a sombrero on the boss to sing him happy birthday. I still think it’s a hoot that we whip out our phones to catch that “can’t miss it” photo:roflhard:

That’s what I say. If my camera breaks at least I still have my phone. Same thing with electric windows. If the car breaks down at least I can wind the windows. :think:…well that doesn’t make sense, but you know what I mean :doh:

i can’t wait until it starts malfunctioning and has all sorts of technical problems (as first generation apple products are notorious for doing) and watching all the people who spent $600 on a phone cry…

Hehe, my car has manual windows, and the way I look at it, if I drive into a body of water, I’ll be able to open the window and get out. I think it’s a comforting thought.

As for the iPhones, eh, they’re really pretty nifty, but I could and will easily do without.

Very funny video about a lady getting pwned re: buying ipods.

its so hot. i love that thing. i wish i had the cash to buy it! it makes me swoon!:heart:

Nooooo… this was my iPhone-free zone! Almost every single blog I read has been all over it for the past month!

Like Vermont, Alaska and the rest of the world, I will not be able to get an iPhone until Apple realizes that limiting the carrier to just AT&T was a bad idea.

I just want a phone that makes phone calls. I don’t need all the fancy stuff. Yes a camera can be fun and useful (when having a traffic accident etc can photograph the damage / person involved).

However, ultimately, I want a phone that has a long battery life, is easily rechargeable and makes calls without having to press a zillion buttons.

I like Nokia phones =D

I love my Sony Ericsson Walkman phone … it’s skinny, black and orange, has a phone, camera, walkman, internet, video calling, games :yadda: … actually the only thing lacking is a radio … other than that - it’s perfect! orange is my favourite colour and it has more memory on it than my old laptop!

iphone -schmyphone :teehee: when it eventually comes to the UK it is going to be one service provider too! how silly!

I think we are surrounded. :oo:

whispers iphone is the best thing since sliced bread. it makes me dizzy and lusty just looking at the things it does. the aesthetics are perfection.

Remember when the Razr came out and people went crazy for it? I think it went for almost $300 depending where you got it. Now its the phone that comes free or really cheap with lots of plans. Not that the iphone is going to come free but I bet after all the hype dies down the price will come down too.:shrug:

I know! I got a ipod mini when they first came out and had so many problems with it. I wouldn’t buy another new apple product until they’ve been out for a while and the kinks were worked out of it.

I agree, I think that was a mistake. I used to have Cingular (AT&T now) and the service was horrible so I wouldn’t get an iphone unless they offered it with other providers.

I’m looking for a cell phone these days and I am SOOO confused. tri-mode, GSM, CDMA, bluetooth, blablabla… not to mention the confusion with respect to the different rate plans. :rollseyes: It’s ridiculous. I’m reading dozens of reviews and forums to get a reasonably good phone (nothing fancy, just good sound quality, reception and battery life) and best plans. All the reviews I read contradict each other. :shock: Customer service seems to be awful no matter what company you choose. :wall: I have no idea what I will choose.

The iPhone does look really cool but… it’s not for me. I’m more of a 50$ phone kind of person :teehee:

As a tech junkie, here is my humble opinion.

  1. never buy a first generation - too many bugs & features get better as later generations are created
  2. Biggest flaw?? NO QWERTY KEYBOARD!!!

I will stick to my Treo.

Shoot…I didnt even get a iPod till my first mp3 player bit the dust a while back. And even then I didnt WANT the iPod…I was looking at TONS of new ones…

I dont need the iPhone…and I sure as heck wont spend 600 bucks on the stupid thing. :fingerwag:

too expensive. love my razr (NOT the freebie ones available now) and mp3 player.

you guys have fun with your iphones. i’ll just watch.

did you see people are selling them on ebay for upwards of $1000?!?!?!?!

i came late to the Razr party, but I LOVE mine. I have a more recent release with some upgrades from the prior and I seriously have NEVER loved a phone the way I love this phone, and it does have an MP3 player as well, which I have yet to ever have a use for.

As for aesthetics, I am seriously disappointed in the IPhone. I couldn’t freakin WAIT to get one, but then saw it and was kinda ech. While I think the touch screen is a really neat-o idea, I also know what the face of my 2 IPods look like and that TOTALLY turns me off, I can’t stand smootchies. If I had no access to the internet, didn’t already own 2 ipods, and didn’t have a cell phone, AND wanted AT&T service, MAYBE I would consider it, but it’s really just a waste if you have any of the 3 other components, IMO anyway.

Okay, I read the reviews and the hype.
What’s the big deal?
Nothing becomes lukewarm
faster than this week’s cool.