Invisible Increase

I’m knitting from a book called 26 Amigurumi Designs by Amy Gaines. The patterns call for an “invisible increase” but I really don’t understand the instruction: insert the right needle from the front into the side of the stitch on the left needle and knit it.

Does anyone have a video of this increase? Or does it go by another name?


there might be other options, but the one i know and have used is this one: has good word/pictures about it

and has a short video about it…

basically, when you get to the point you want to increase, knit into the stitch BELOW the next one on your left needle… AND knit into that stitch that was next but has been waiting… being careful not to twist either of them.

PS, it’s called ‘nearly invisible’ because it doesn’t leave a purl-like stitch with a bump on it, like knit-front-back can… and it leaves even less of a pinhole space than a regular make-one increase

Here’s another video with the same inc that X referred to and another. I like the second one that Eunny shows but both are handy to know.