Invisible elastic thread?

Do you have a favorite elastic thread you use to give some stretch and resilience to your projects? I’m knitting baby hats using cotton, and I understand that ribbing can lose its stretchiness in cotton. I want to knit some elastic thread with the ribbed rows.

My local craft stores have white elastic thread and black elastic thread, both of which will be easily visible on the orange and green yarns I’m working with. Are there any alternatives? Do you have any experience with invisible elastic threads?

Through the magic of Google, I’ve found this supplier of INOX invisible elastic thread in Oregon. If people have good things to say about this product, I just might order some.

Any recommendations?


:thinking: Hmmm … I’m thinking. . .

Well, how about this? :?? (You have to scroll down to the invisible elastic; it’s near the bottom of the page.)

Hope that helps!

bump I thought I’d move this up, just hoping :pray: that someone has used invisible elastic yarn/thread before with knitting, and that they can share their opinions! I find it hard to believe that this product isn’t commonly used by knitters :wink: . I know I’d use it if it worked ok - many of the clothing patterns I’d like to knit are fitted, and I’ve been concerned that it will “relax” with time, unless I add something to shore it up!

I know this is an old thread but I’m in the same situation looking for some colored elastic thread and I found this…Rainbow Elastic Thread
I hope it’s not too good to be true…they appear to have all kinds of colors. i’m crossing my fingers.

I’ve emailed them to see where I could buy it and am waiting for a response.

If you’re just trying to hide your elastic, why not strand it behind the work instead of carrying it along? That way you won’t have to worry about the color matching since the elastic won’t show at all.

Watch this video (requires IE). It shows you how to weave the yarn you’re not using along the back when doing fair isle. You can use the same technique to weave an elastic thread behind your work while knitting with your regular yarn.

Just make sure, as always, to keep your floats and weaves loose, so the elastic can do its job.

I just finished a project that called for elasstic yarn for the sleeves (elann espirit ) It worked beautifully and this cotton/elastic yarn comes in many colors. :sun:Ellie