Invisible decrease for a Beanie?

I just finished my first hat, it’s similar to a beret, but the decrease was K2T, so it created a raised affect. I am now working on a beanie and want the decrease to be invisible. Which would be the best decrease for that? Thanks a million for your help!!!:muah:

The only other one to try would be a slip 1, k1, psso, aka ssk. It leans the other direction and I don’t know if it would be less noticeable than k2tog. My k2togs aren’t ‘raised’, they lie flat.

If you don’t want your decreases to show up at all you need to do them more randomly. They show up so much because they are usually lined up in a nice orderly way. But they don’t have to be, neither do you have to have the same number on each row, or the same number of rows between decrease rows. You can experiment on decreasing as seems reasonable and any way you do the decreases and at any rate will make a hat of some sort. :slight_smile: Have fun.

That would work. I wasn’t thinking of the ‘spiral’ that’s created by doing the decs at the same point on every other row.

Yea, I’ve tried lots of different things on hats and they all work one way or another. Lots of different looks. It’s fun to mess around with them.