Invisible Cast On

Hello–New to knitting…need help to understand when and why the Invisible Cast On is used?–Thanks, Petey’s Mom

I think it’s also called a Provisional cast on which is one that will be taken out later and either have sts picked up from it or grafted on to another piece. Do you have a pattern that says to use this, and which one?

the invisible cast on [I][B]could be[/B][/I] a provisional one…

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I][B]or it could be a tubular[/B][/I][/COLOR] (aka italian, grafted, kitchenered) cast on

One problem is the same cast on might have several different names, (regionally, or in US vs. UK vs. canada vs austraulia!)

Long tail is also know as:
sling shot

and the same it true for almost every cast on! they all have multiple names, and deciding which is which, from just a name it pretty difficult.

Does it make a difference which cast on you use?


Cast on’s are just a detail, and [B]YES[/B] they make a difference–
some are prettier, some are stretchier, some are stronger

[B]NO,[/B] it really doesn’t matter much. any cast on can be subbed for another.
The correct answer is your choice.[/B]

there are 50 or YouTube video’s for the 5(at least 5) ways of doing an invisible (aka tubular/italian/grafted/kitchenered) cast on.
2 of the ways use provisional methods to get started.

the other 3 don’t use waste yarn, (one uses 3 different needle, the other 2 are vaguely similar to long tail (one similar to long tail ‘thumb’, one similar to long tail ‘sling shot’)

in the end, ALL OF THEM LOOK IDENTICAL, and it is virtually impossible to know which method was used.

If you want to learn a new cast on, you’ll have to read, watch and practice… Or you could skip over this detail and use any cast on you want.

(can you tell, cast on’s are an obsession of mine? some of those video’s on YouTube are mine!)

Thank you both for responding. I do not have a particular pattern at this time. I saw this method demonstrated on a Meg Swansen video and wondered the benefit of and when it might be appropriate to use over another technique.
Thanks again, Petey’s Mom

is it better to do this with a needle 1 size smaller than the pattern or 2 sizes smaller?