Introducing a new colour

I’m not a new knitter but I’m not very advanced in different techniques. I wanted to knit a scarf for my boyfriend with his name (Max) in the middle of the scarf in a different colour. How can i do this without tying knots? i looked at the video on intarsia knitting but i don’t understand how to start it out (ie setting up the different sections of colours). If anyone has a solution it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

There’s good information about different ways to join a new color over at Knit Picks on the community pages - go to the link below and then go down to joining yarn and you’ll see several different ways to join yarn.

That’s really helpful, thanks. but what do you do with the loose tail ends? won’t the project unravel?

If you don’t want to do intarsia, once you have the name mapped out, work it wherever you want it, after-the-fact, in duplicate st…aka Swiss darning… (if you’re doing stockinette).


won’t the project unravel?

No…you can weave the ends once done. Just remember to wrap the color changes as you shift from one to the other to eliminate holes.


For the moment, leave the tails about 2-3" long, they won’t unravel as you’re knitting, though they may appear to be loose until the sts get anchored in by other sts. When you’re done, weave them into the nearby sts.

how do i do duplicate st?

depending on how big his name is, duplicate stitch would be the easiest method.

Here are loads of tutorials:

Here is a great site about duplicate stitch.