Interpretation of pattern instructions

I found this cute little free poncho pattern on Ravelry that I would love to make. I am on row 4 and already can’t understand what the author means. Rows two and three are written out stitch by stitch. Easy to follow. Row 4 says to continue the row normally. Confused as to whether this means copy (with noted increase directions) row two instructions (RS) on row four or does it mean knit the entire row (with noted increase instructions). I am just not visual and experienced enough to visualize the pattern until I see it emerging. Link to free pattern in Ravelry -

Once I understand what “continue normally “ means I think I will be able to move ahead with this project. Hope the link works. If not the pattern is called Lolo Ponsho by Noura Sabbagh.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

I have figured out that you repeat rows 2 & 3 with the increases so now that is making sense. Now where I am stuck is the first cable row is Row 8. Row 9 is a buttonhole row. Then it says that every 10th row is a cable row. So that would mean rows 18, 28 & 38 are cable rows. Does that sound correct.

Pattern reads as follows:
Row8:(cable row):work the row normally until you reach the k8: c8f then continue the row normally (as row 4) till you reach the markers ,increase in the same way as previously mentioned then repeat the c8f every time you reach the k8 and continue the row.(4 cables).
 Row9:1st buttonhole:\p1,k1,yo,p2tog\ then continue as in row5.
 Keep repeating rows 4 & 5 and increasing in the same way and cable every 10th row as in the chart -2- until you reach the length of 13cm = 44rows…

Sorry I am so mixed up on this. Just not written the way I am used to seeing patterns written .

To continue the pattern, use row 2 as a guide. As you say, you’ll have to take the increases into account but other wise row 2 will work. After the first couple of rows you’ll start to see the cable panels and stockinette patterns and it’ll be easier to keep in the overall pattern.

(Purl the yarn overs on WS rows.)

Thank you. Yes I can see the pattern emerging. My second question was about understanding when to do a cable row. Seems odd that 1st cable row is at row 8 and the rest are every 10 rows. Is it correct that I would do 2nd cable row at row 18 then row 28 etc.

That is odd, I agree. Not sure why it’s done that way.
Yes, the succeeding cable rows would be 18, 28 and so on. You could change the row spacing if you wanted by delaying the first cable row till row 10 rather than row 8. If the knitters who have posted project photos have followed the pattern (row 8 and then every 10), the difference isn’t noticeable.

Okay thanks for the confirmation. Might have something to do with the placement of the first button hole. Not sure but in any case I will do every 10th row. Thanks for your help.

Hi Salmonmac,

I wonder if you could have a look at the pattern again where it joins into the round. The new increase row instructions have you doing the yo before you slip the marker at the 1st marker and then slipping the marker first and doing the yo at the 2nd marker. This puts the increase stitch outside the markers. Up to this point, all yo have been done between the markers. Is this an error in the pattern or am I missing something? There are no comments from others who have done this project so I just wonder if I am missing something? Hope I am making sense.




The row is inconsistent in the relationship between yarn overs and p2 but the effect is going to be the same. The yarn overs are on either side of and next to the p2 sts that flank the cable.
To be consistent, Marker 3 should be after the yarn over and this may make it easier to visualize and knit. The important thing is to keep the columns of cables and yarn overs aligned.