Internal Increases, Internal Decreses?


Has anyone here every heard of Internal Increases, Internal Decreses?


External Decreses, External Increases?

I am hitting my head against a wall here…I came across a resource and I think that it it totally incorrect in its titling of these increases and decreses!


On the inside or outside of a piece? Like on the edge or in the middle?

Can you post or link a little bit of these directions and maybe we can figure it out too. It may be that it’s a translation that isn’t well done.


The definition for internal inc and dec. says these are made to the middle of your work…why would you do this? It also says to do this knitting one stitch twice. I have never heard of this before.

The it says that external inc and dec. are made to the edges of your work…
this is for adding stitches to the begining of a row…why would you do this?

it says to slide right needle under your first stitch on your left needle and make a knit stitch, then you slide the added stitch back to your left needle?

These things sound wierd to me…what do you all think?

It makes sense, though I’ve never heard the terms internal or external before.

Sometimes you need to make a piece wider or narrower, so you either increase/decrease along the body of the work, evenly spaced, or increase/decrease along the edges.