Interchangeable Suggestions

Hi everyone,

After a trip to my LYS this afternoon left me frustrated at their lack of needle stock, I am seriously considering adding interchangeable needles to my Christmas List this year.

I’m willing to consider the Addi Turbo Click, but most recently I’ve also discovered that I love the Hiya Hiya needles. As someone who is relatively new to the idea of interchangeable needles, I was hoping people might be able to offer some suggestions of what to look for. I would say that I’m probably an intermediate knitter. Although in the past I would have primarily knit mittens, gloves, and scarves, I’ve recently been branching out into some lace work, socks, sweaters, and other random projects. Ideally I’d like a set that will allow me to find a variety of lengths and standard sizes. I’m hoping to grow with whatever set I purchase. I like the feel of the Addi Turbos and Addi Lace very much, although I love the cord of the Hiya Hiya needles. It would seem that Hiya Hiya does not come in a lace needle like the Addis do? I most recently found that left me at a disadvantage when trying to knit a shawl that had some pretty detailed work to it.

So for those who have used Addi Turbos and Addi Lace, would you say that the Addi Click feels comparable? If I were to purchase the Addi Turbo Click needles, would I be able to use the same cords for the Addi Lace Click needles or would I have to purchase two separate sets? Thanks so much for any help!


I’ve used the clicks, turbo and lace… and I have to say, my Knitpicks interchangeables (and fixed) are by FAR my favorite needles.

I like slick needles and flexi cords and… I don’t like to spend a fortune :wink: You mentioned that you want to grow with your set… and while KP doesn’t have the 16" interchangeables, everything esle is amazing to ‘grow’ with. Plus the smaller cord-ed fixed needles are so super inexpensive.


I have KP’s Harmony and Nickle interchangeable sets and I like the pointiness of the tips, the feel of the needles and the flexiblilty of the cables.

Maybe you could start out with a few tips and cables to see which ones work better for you.

I agree with Evan … I love my KnitPicks Options interchangeable set. You can get all different lengths of cords (which are super flexible) as well as a variety of sizes. And they are very affordable as far as expanding your set in the future.

I haven’t really done any lace work though … perhaps those who have will be able to shed some light on whether the Addi Lace set would be better for that purpose! Many of the people on this site have interchangeable sets (and everyone has a different favorite!) so I’m sure you’ll get lots of feedback so that you can weigh the pros and cons of the different choices before you buy :thumbsup:

The knit picks needles are just as sharp at the Addi Lace and far less expensive.

I love my KnitPicks Harmony interchangeable needles.

Another vote for KP Options here!

KP Options or Harmonies! :thumbsup:

You say that you love the Hiya Hiya needles, there interchangeable are excellent. They have 4 or 5 inch needle heads and can be made into 16 inch circulars. They have a size 2 and 3 needle heads which many interchangeable do not.

The cost is reasonable. My suggestion is to purchase one set of needle heads and a set of cables and try them out.


KP Nickel plated Options are SO SUPER! I would highly recommend at least getting a set of tips and cable and trying them out before deciding. If you get a size you can foresee needing more than one of, then when you buy the whole set you’re covered with your extra “tester”. Either way, I think you’ll love them! Great needles, cables and great value - along with the world’s greatest customer service!


Ruthie :o)

I love my KP nickle plated options and they DO have the greatest customer service in just about any indusrty I can think of!

Agreed!!! :slight_smile:

These are all great needle sets and it mainly comes down to which feels right in your hand. If you get a single set of points and cables from a couple of different manufactures you can try them out. Once you decide you can use the others as the second needle when knitting in the round with two needles. Or, and we know this never happens, as a backup when another must start project comes along.

Ditto :muah: Love my Options.

I have Addi Turbos and Addi Clicks. I love them both.
The ‘finish’ on the Clicks needles are absolutely fabulous…and even better (yes BETTER) than the Turbos.

I have KnitPicks Options (nickel plated and Harmony wood) and love them, too!

But I must say…for any new project, I always grab my Addi Clicks first. If they don’t perform well with the cables or intricate pattern stitches, then I switch to Knitpicks.

I don’t have Addi Lace. I’ve read too much about them smelling like copper pennies after a bit of knitting. Something about that brass finish becoming smelly. Ewww. I would so totally be turned off.

another vote for the KP Options! I have the Harmonys too and love them but the Options are my favorite.

I have a denise set, a webs bamboo set, and an addi click set.

I love them all for different reasons, I always come back to using my addi set which I find ironic because when I bought it I had the most “issues” with it in the beginning. I don’t like the design of the case, and felt the gold pin could have been replaced with some scissors.

I adore my Tulip crochet set (and it came with Italian scissors!).

I have not tried hiya hiya, signature or knitpicks.