Interchangeable set question

I have Boye Needle master and kind of hate the join between needle and cable. So…is it possible to use different needles with the Boye cable, such as KP options. I found that the metal of the Boye needles keeps snagging so maybe a smooth wood like the new Harmony set would work. i hate to buy a brand new set since I just got the Boye in June but its a huge pain in the butt.

Does anyone know if interchangeables are interchangeable with each other?


The different sets are not interchangeable.

Well if you do have to get a new set I will vouch for the Kp’s. I love my metal set. From another thread on here yesterday the wood ones are getting great reviews as well.

No, you can’t use other needle tips on them. I just ordered the Knitpicks Options! Woo!

You can always try to sell them in the buy/sell/swap forum here in KH, too.

Sorry to have to say it, but toss or sell the Boyes and get Options!

I’ve plugged the Options every time I have the chance at my knitting class. :wink: