Interchangeable Needles


Hey folks!

I’m am on the hunt for a GOOD set of interchangeable needles. I’ve watched a multitude of review videos and done just as much reading and it seems the Chiaogoo Twists are the ones I should be going for. That said, I just thought I’d ask you all for your recommendations before I spent a small fortune! :grin:

What to look for in good quality needles

I can personally recommend Denise interchangeables I got mine from Ebay maybe six years ago. They come with a lifetime warranty that they honor. You can purchase individual pieces to build a custom set. I was given a set of twist type interchangeables and find they untwist as I work. Hope this helps.


Do the Denise brand make more than one kind . I bought my daughter a set of plastic ones when she was 8 and they work fine but we both like wood better now and the cords a fairly think I don’t think you could magic loop socks on them.
I like the cords on addi but think they are in the 300 price range for sets


Here’s a post about interchangeable needles with flexible cords that may help:


If you haven’t purchased your new set yet, I would also recommend the Denise interchangeable’s. I bought my set on this site and I love them. My first set was the Boye set, they are still new and hardly used at all. The second set I bought was a knitters pride set also from this site. The cables are very flexible but the needles are all silver and I can’t read the sizes plus they have the screw ends and I could never get them tight enough. With the Denise set I do everything from flat work, in the round, and magic loop. They don’t hurt my arthritic hands, they are easy to change cables, they are smooth but not so slippery you always drop stitches, they don’t reflect blinding light that makes it hard to see the stitches on the needles, and you can add other sizes of needles and cables without having to buy a full set. I also have an Addi bamboo set that I really like but hardly use because my hands are just so weak attaching and detaching the cable is frustrating. When I am making socks I prefer the Addi sock rockets. Needless to say… I have too many knitting needles, please don’t tell my husband. hahaha. It just took awhile to find my comfort zone.
Hope this helps and good luck!


I am new to knitting and have a set of Denise needles. I like them very much. I had trouble with magic loop on them, but I do think that once I get more experienced, I’ll have better results. I was about to purchase an entire set of knitters pride needles for magic looping, but decided to try the denise flex dpn needles for knitting small round projects. Within minutes of opening the package, I was knitting socks in the round with no problem at all.(and regular dpns had me in a panic attack​:joy:) I love them and will stick with with Denise.:grin:

I have a few of the knitters pride interchangables(laminated wood) and the cords are thin and flexible. I have not had any trouble with them detaching while knitting. They are good needles. My local hobby lobby sells them individually. You could buy one size to see how you like them before buying a large set.

I have a lot to learn, but that’s my current thoughts.




Try making the Denise needles a lot longer than you need when learning to do magic loop, then as you get more confident you can use a shorter needle.


I’m another who has bought far too many needles!!! But that’s part of the fun of knitting! I, too, love my Denise. They are affordable and very versatile. The sizes don’t go lower than 3.75 mm because the cords are pretty thick. I also find that the plastic scratches, so I have to watch which stitch markers I pick up when using them. Their customer service is wonderful because it’s a family owned business. Absolutely lovely people.

I bought the Boye needles because they seemed to be such a complete set, but the cords are almost useless - very stiff. However, the set can be rejuvenated by purchasing Chiaogoo red cords in the small size along with a pair of cord connectors.

I like the Clover Takumi set and use them quite often, but I find bamboo is grippy when using acrylic yarns.

My favourites are the Chiaogoo twist complete set 4". The cords are so flexible and don’t kink one bit. The needles are smooth and pretty slick, which may not be for everyone. They are costly, but I think I would not have bought the other sets had I known about these first.

One tip I have for those needles that don’t click into place - I keep a small piece of the rubbery kind of shelf liner to use to grip the cord as I tighten. If the set provides a key to use…use it! It makes all the difference. Hope this is of some help.


I love my Addi clicks. I actually bought the lace set this past year, as I started doing more open work. The cords are bendable enough to do magic loop very easily. And you can buy additional cords and needles, if needed. Also the cords work with all their needles: bamboo, lace, regular.

At first I had some trouble with the “click” - but one of those little rubber jar openers does the trick. For me, the trouble was sweaty hands, as I live on the equator…

I used to store the needles in baggies with the size written on them in black marker, but then I found a really nice case from Della ( Now I store the cords in the baggies, with the sizes written in black marker. Makes it very easy to see what I have.


I prefer Knitter’s Pride and Knitpicks Options. Reasonable prices and both have sampler or try it sets.