Interchangeable needles-small sizes?

Today I went to the store to buy some supplies for my first sweater. Unfortunately the sweater pattern requires 6 different sets of needles $$$. I decided to buy the interchangeable needles since I don’t have very many circulars at this point and I figured it would save money in the long run. They carried Knitters Pride so that’s what I got, in 32" and 16". I needed US size 5 and 2 tips, they had the tips for size 5 but none for 2, I figured I’d go online and buy them when I got home. But now looking on the website they don’t seem to carry that size or lower…they have 2.5 though which I didn’t know existed. Is this common with interchangeable needles or is it just this brand that doesn’t have the really small sizes? If it’s just this brand I’m thinking I should return them otherwise I’ll need to buy two size 2 circulars to go along with them.

That’s how Options are. Interchangeable down to size 4 I think. I had to buy 1-3 as solid circular to do a hat in fingering.

I think it has to do with needle and cable size. I have the smaller sizes in fixed circulars.

I believe that Ciaogoo does small needles as interchangeables. I got myself the smallest sizes in fixed circs and really love the Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina ones. I love them so much I got the whole set. Look at Handsome Fibers. On big holidays they have a 20% off on everything sale, and always free shipping if you’re in the US. They will also have Deal of the Day and you might see something you need on that. My latest set of needles from them was under $60 and I had to sign for the delivery. That was nice, it wasn’t left in my mailbox.

What pattern requires so many sizes of needles?

I looked up the ciaogoo interchangeables and you are right, they do go to a size 2. I know the store I was at had another brand and that might have been it. I think I’ll swing by later today and see. The sweater I’m doing is called Flax Light. They want sizes 2 and 5 in 32" circulars, 16" circulars, and DPNs.
I’m making the worsted weight version of this sweater now in a baby size. Do you work magic loop? That would eliminate the necessity for the 16" and double-pointed needles. You’d need maybe 40" needles in the sizes to get gauge however.

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Sometimes the sets don’t go down to a small size because of the cable/needle join. It becomes too small so they’re only available in fixed circulars. The Chiaogoo Small set has sizes 2-8 US. Great needles in my opinion.

I’ve never done magic loop nor really looked into it. I didn’t really want to learn either lol, but I might have to. I went to the store and they didn’t have the interchangeables in the chiaogoo brand so I was going to get them online. BUT now that I’m looking I’ve hit another snag. They have two different tip sizes and only certain sizes cables. In order to get 16" circulars I need the 8" cable and 4" tips. But the 32" inch would require 22" cable and 5 inch tips. So instead of buying two tips like I was hoping I’d still need to get four sets of tips. Booooo. Would using 30" needles instead of 32" cause a big issue? That way I could just buy the 4 inch tips.

30" instead of 32" for what? Magic loop?

I prefer magic loop to knitting with a16" needles myself.

Not for magic loop, just for the pattern as it is. It calls for a 32 " circular, I assume for the body of the sweater (I haven’t actually read through the pattern). I have no experience with circulars so I’m not sure what the fall out would be of using a needle that’s 2 inches too small (or large).

Oh okay. In that case it should be fine. Your stitches will just be a little more crowded. You could also use a longer one if it’s more comfortable. Knitting flat with circulars instead is straights is just the same except your needles are attached to each other.

There is a reason you won’t get a size 2 in interchangeable tips, it is that the screw threads for all the other needles which are in the kit would have to be re-engineered. And then the smaller needles are more prone to breaking as well as the screw threads could also bend with the smaller diameter which would ruin them. I have a bamboo set of Knitters Pride and my smallest needles broke, so I replaced the two smaller needles at but with the metal plated needles.

So if you really need a size 2, you’ll have to invest in a circular for this or straights. I don’t know of any company which carries size 2 in an interchangeable kit for the reason I described above.

However, you may find that by knitting a bit tighter would give you the right gauge as if you actually had the size 2. You could swatch it up and see if it looks right.

Some designers knit tighter than I do and others knit looser, you may find your needles will work then your headache goes away. Additionally, the difference in width will be hard to see, it is stitch length which will be different. The more time you use the needle not called for will accumulate error. If it is only a few rows, I’d see if it would work. But I would do this outside my project with my yarn in case, I end up having to experiment several times and my project yarn could look yucky. This is why I always buy at least one more skein than the project calls for.

Many interchangable sets only go down to size 4. You may have to buy fixed. I have the chiaogoo red lace set and it has size 2. Hiya hiya may carry that size

Have you knit a gauge swatch yet? I’d hold off on buying a bunch of needles until you know for sure what size you need. I’ve made the regular Flax sweater about a dozen times and have to use size 10 needles instead of the 8s the pattern calls for in order to get gauge. Also, what size are you knitting? If it’s for an adult, you probably won’t need the DPNs. Speaking from experience on this pattern, I was able to do the adult sleeves on just 16" circs. A kid size will require DPNs (or magic loop) though.

Hiya Hiya has a small set that goes down to size 2 and a sock set that goes even smaller.