Interchangeable Circulars

I just got a set of Boye interchangeables (limited budget, can’t afford better ones) and soon I have to change to size 4 needle. How do I do that without losing all my stitches? Also, how do I connect 2 cables? I’m trying to make my first top down sweater, and will eventually have over 200 stitches!! I’ll NE VER get thru this without your help!!

You’re leaving the stitches on the same cable? With my needles, I would just unscrew the tip and change it out for the size I needed. If you have a connector piece for the two cables, you’d use it to join the cables and put the needle tip on the end. I think the needles in this video might be Boye’s. How to Use your Interchangeable Knitting Needles When knitting in the round I often use a smaller tip for the left needle, it makes for faster, easier knitting.

You have to have a connector to join two cables. Do you have one? If you don’t you’ll need a longer cable instead.

I don’t have Boyes so I’m not sure how they work.:shrug:

THANKS so much for the video! I do have the extender, think that will be my challenge when I have to make the cable longer. I will end up (hopefully, LOL) with 224 stitches. I WILL have more questions for you helpful ladies–Guaranteed!

Catlvr, I am relatively new to knitting and am considering purchasing the Boyer interchangeables. Have you found them easy to work with? Are they smooth, even at the joints? Just trying to compare before I purchase. Thanks, Jill

I have a set of these and the joins at the cables (for some of them) are a little rough. Mine aren’t horribly bad, but there is some interference there. I haven’t tried smoothing them down any and don’t know if that’s even possible.

The main thing about this needle set is that the cables are rather stiff, so if you’re planning to use them for magic loop, that’s probably not going to happen. For regular circular knitting and for knitting back and forth, they work fine.

I would be willing to sell you mine if you’re interested (I’ve used mine some and really enjoyed them, but now I use other needles much more frequently).

I’ve had some problems with “sticking” at the join of the cable and the tip, but I just muddle thru due to my budget concerns. Still learning all the ins and outs of em LOL!

Thanks Antares, but I think I will pass. Maybe save my $$$ until I can afford something a little more user friendly.