Interchangeable circular needles

I am thinking about buying interchangeable circular needles. I live in Canada. I wonder which type is preferred by everyone. There are bamboo, nickel, aluminum, etc…any tips what are the best?
Most of my knitting is lapghans.
Thank you!

Hi @Jan_in_CA and I were recently having a discussion about this! I’ll bump the thread up for you x

Probably this one. You can also search for interchangeables and find older discussions.

Wow! No definitive answers. LOL!
The one thing I know for sure is I want them to have
Their sizes permanently marked on the needles.
I have 3 individual circular needles I bought years ago.
No idea what size they are.
I think I will check out Michaels and see if I
Could buy a small set.
The very pink video lady mentioned she almost always
Uses 24" length. Something to keep in mind too.

Thanks all!!

You only gave us 3 hours to answer before replying! :joy: There are NO best needles. It’s personal preference. If you aren’t sure I suggest ordering the sampler sets. Both of the ones I mentioned below have them and that’s how I found what I liked.

I use both nickel plated Options from Knitpicks and wood Dreamz from Knitters Pride. they’re both relatively inexpensive. I love them both and choose which one based on two things…the yarn and what I have available that isn’t stuck in another unfinished project. lol

My Knitter’s Pride needles do have the size on the needles. I don’t know of any metal ones that do and I’m not sure if the wood ones still do. If it’s a deal breaker if they don’t I’d email them and ask.

Oh Jan thank you. I was jokingly referring to the old
Discussions. Everyone seemed to have their own
Preference. Please don’t think I was impatient for

I so appreciate the kind people on this site.
You are always there with help.

Have a wonderful day!

Wood, metal, nickel? I have a set of nickel plated Options which I like a lot, and also a set of bamboo HiyaHiyas. Both have sizes permanently marked on them, both come with different length cables.

Oh the nickel plated have sizes on them now?! That’s awesome! I’ve had mine for 8 or 9 yrs and they didn’t do that then! I use my needle sizer, but I may have to invest in some new needles eventually just because…:joy: :imp:

Thank you Evie! I am thinking Nickel since it may be the one
That is the smoothest for the stitches to slide off vs bamboo.
Great to know they have some with the sizes on them.
I will be checking out Michaels.

And tis the season…

Just leaving this here… :wink:

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I really doubt you’ll find them at Michaels. I don’t think they carry anything, but maybe Clover and one other I can’t remember. I got mine from Knitpicks. They have great customer service btw or they did whenever I needed anything.

Brilliant :smile::smile:

Oh piffle.

I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving from Canada to all my American knitting friends.

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:joy: Thank you! None of my kids will be here this year so hubby and I are going to a movie! And eating some turkey and sweet potatoes of course. :slight_smile:

Can someone please explain Thanksgiving to me? I mean, the name is pretty self explanatory but I don’t understand the history behind it, we have nothing similar in the UK. We have Bonfire Night(s - people buy their own fireworks so you hear them for days afterwards!) which is a celebration of Guy Fawkes being caught before he managed to blow up the Houses of Parliment, but given the current climate I think a few think that GF had the right idea!! :joy:

Thanksgiving is just about my favorite holiday. It’s friends and family getting together to celebrate each other and all that we have.
Originally, it was a feast given in the 1600s by early settlers in America after the first successful harvest. The native Americans who helped them survive were invited and brought food too.
Here’s a link for a better description.

Wow, a lot of history there! I like the idea of it, but surely that must make the run up to Christmas a lot more hectic? Do you freeze leftovers and use them at Christmas?

It’s kind of a nice respite from all the hectic holiday shopping. Just a wonderful day with family and a shared meal. Usually a few new people too who are too far away from family or can’t get home for one reason or another. Often everyone is sent home with shared leftovers but there are always recipes for using them up after the holiday.

:joy::joy::joy: No. They usually get eaten within the next week here. We do it all over again at Christmas. Fortunately my husband does the cooking! :slight_smile: