Interchangable needles

I have a question about interchangeable needles… I have an opportunity to buy a set at a good price, and can’t decide if I want to “take the plunge”, so to speak.

I’d consider myself an adventerous beginner at this point LOL I haven’t yet ventured into the world of circular knitting, knitting in the round (I don’t even know if those two terms mean the same thing or not!)… anything beyond plain old straight needles. I’d like to learn someday, though. In the meantime, my plan was to accumulate the different sized straight needles. Does a set of interchangeable needles do away with the need for straight needles? For example, if I wanted to make something, and the needle calls for a set of #5 straight needles… can I accomplish that using the interchangeable needles? I don’t really know how they work, exactly.

Thanks for the help, as always!

Circular knitting and knitting in the round are the same. :slight_smile:

As for using the interchangeable needle–you can use a circular needle to knit across rather than in the round. You just have to turn it back and forth when you get to the end of the row. In fact, I prefer to use a circular when I’m knitting something heavy, like an afghan, or the back of a large sweater, because the weight is distributed more evenly, and it’s easier on the wrists.

When I was a new knitter, my MIL gave me a bunch of straights, for which I was very grateful.

However, not too long after I started, I had the opportunity to buy a set of Knit Picks Options—and haven’t looked back! You can use them for flat or circular knitting. (Of course, you can always use your straights anyway…whatever you prefer).

About a year later, I got a set of the Harmony interchangeables, and I love them as well!

So…if you’ve got the opportunity and a good price, I say go for it. It won’t be wasted money, even if you don’t use them for every project—and you’ll have a wide variety of sizes at your fingertips!

I started buying straight needles, hadn’t used them. took them back and bought a set of interchangables. A lot cheaper. If a pattern calls for different needle sizes just change the needles. I’m knitting a scarf- I cast on with an 8, change to a size 7 for the begiinning rows , change to a 9 for the main part and then back to a 7 for the ending. I have Denise and they are all in a case so I always know where to find my size 5- 11’s along with all the cables.

I no longer use straights unless their double points.:blooby: :blooby: :blooby:

Like the others have said, once I started using interchangeables I never looked back. I find circulars easier to knit with and less disruptive to anyone near me. (The close quarters of an airplane are a great example.) I started with the Denise and they were okay, but when I saw the Harmonies I [I]had[/I] to have them. The only projects I don’t use them for are socks… and even there, once I learned how to do socks on two circulars (Harmonies, of course) I rarely do them any other way.

Another vote for circs over straights! On occasion I’ll use my straights, but, I’m usually not happy about it…lol…I love, love, LOVE interchangeable needles! They are also so much easier to store and carry with you. I got my first 2 sets of interchangeables about a year or two ago and after I started using them I decided they ruled…lol…I say definitely get them, you won’t regret it!

Hi There,

I start out with size 10 straight needles…just to see if I like the idea of knitting and maked my granddaughter a blanket…I have the Harmoney interchangeable needles and I just love them…Just got them about a month a lot.

2 words:
buy them.

And now more than 2 words… :wink: I started out 7 years ago knitting with 2 sets of knitting needles. I bought the occasional needles I might need for a certain project, etc. 2 years ago my parents bought me a set of bamboo dpns. I used them for EVERYTHING. (it is amazing, with a little work, how many stitches will fit of a 5" DPN…) Sometime this year I traded with some on here for a Boye needlemaster kit… ELOHVE*EE it!!! I use them for everything except small knitting in the round project such as gloves and socks, which I much prefer the use of the DPNs I have.

Since I can’t afford a full set right now, I bought a few “extras” from Knit Picks. Set of 2 24" cables, size 6, 7, and 8 needle points. I plan on slowly aquiring the rest of the options, since I never know what project I might do next.

I have never used straight needles. Ever. I thought about getting some for a project that I’m going to start next week but then I thought, why? Why would I spend more money on a non-versatile needle when I can get one that is dual-purpose! (round and flat) So, I have a set of 1-15 double-points that I use as straights until I finish collecting my set of circs. Got a great price for them, and they’re awesome needles. $24 For a total of [B]70[/B] bamboo dpns! <3 <3 <3

I have a full set of Harmony needles and love them as well. I will add one caution, however. Interchangeable needles do tend to have a bit of a ‘ridge’ or ‘trough’ where the needles screw on. Especially for a tighter knitter or when using certain yarns this can be a bit of a problem. I don’t believe I knit overly tightly, but I do find myself having to stop and push my work over that spot on a pretty regular basis. Not a big deal and I still love the needles overall. I do, sometimes, pull out the straights depending on the project.


I do still pull my straights out when playing with new yarn to see what size and stitch pattern I want to use, but that’s all I generally use them for. LOVE my Options and Harmonies!

Thanks for the encouragemene everyone! I went ahead and ordered them :slight_smile: I won a brand new (not opened) set of Boye Needlemaster for $20 off ebay woot!

Great snag… gotta love eBay. Way to go and happy circular knitting! :grphug:

buy any set of interchangables.

if you don’t like them, you can recover about 90% of your cost when you resell them.

there are lots of interchangable sets, and each has its lovers/haters.

I love the boye set (aluminum) --but I love metal needles.
(the cables on this set are so so…)

others love Knit Picks (with their fantastic cables) but i am ho-hum about wooden needles (tips)

I HATE the denise (i just hate the soft flexible needles and tubey cords… *but others love the soft flexible needles and cords!

There is NO ONE PERFECT SET… there is only the set that is perfect for you!

(and you might change perferances too…

I used to use DPN’s all the time (loved them!)
i don’t hate them now, but i perfer to work on circ’s (2 circ’s vs any set of DPN.)

I’m keeping all my DPN’s… but i rarely use them these days!

Hi There,

I like my Harmoney interchange needles too…just got mine about 4 weeks ago…It is worth the money to get what you need to do a project right…I been knitting just about 7 months now and really love it. I have the same problem you do…but like you said…fix it and move on…

I’m getting the Harmonies for Christmas. I can’t wait.