Interchangable needle cord length?

Do you measure the cord, or do you measure the length with the needle tips on??? I have no idea, and i don’t know what size my cords are. thanks. sorry if this is a silly question.

whenever you are measuring a circular needle, interchangeable or otherwise, it is measured tip to tip. so for the Boye’s you have to add about 8 inches to the length of the cord to get the total because the tips are all about 4 inches.

Ok, thanks. I am using denise…yay, off to measure lol. OH what happens if you use one that is too long? or longer than the pattern recommends?

depends on the pattern. if you are knitting a scarf flat, for example, it doesn’t matter.

if, however, you are knitting a hat in the round and the pattern calls for 16 inch and all you have is 24 inch you would have to consider whether your head is 24 inches around! :wink: the smalles Denise is 17 inches but it should probably work for you. just depends on how small of a head you are needing to fit.

ah, makes sense. now i understand. thanks!

Even if a cord is too long, you might try it with the Magic Loop technique (see excellent demo videos on here). Although, I tried it w/my Denise’s by connecting 2 of my shorter cords tog, and that was awkward, so I’d suggest getting one of the continuous longer cords (30"+) for ML. If you hate dpn’s this will change your life!