Can someone please explain intarsia to me? What is it, why is it used, etc? I’m still pretty new to knitting and haven’t quite picked up on all the terms.
If there’s another thread explaining, please just refer me there, no need to write it all over again!
Oh yeah, while you’re at it…what in the world does DH mean? I keep reading it, and I assume it has something to do with a hubby, but i couldn’t figure out the abbreviation! :??
Thanks much!!!

Look for the color-knitting videos about half-way down this page:
Amy does a GREAT job of explaining and illustrating both color techniques!

DH is Dear Husband (the D could stand for other things, depending on context!) Others you might see are DD, DS, DBF, etc (daughter, son, boyfriend…)

I am so ready to cry right now!! I just finished (last night) the body of my purse with a monogrammed K in the middle of it…oh to have known this technique…I changed yarns each row…a couple of times, and then had all those ends to weave in… :crying:
But when I started the project, it was my first one after the inaugural scarf, and I hadn’t found this site yet…so live and learn. It’s going to be felted, so the inside won’t look that bad, and I considered lining it anyways, just to help it last longer, but still…
It almost makes me want to do the purse all over again and do it this way…almost, but not quite!! :wink:

But thank you so much for posting that link…I can guarantee I’ll never make that mistake again.