Intarsia yarn bobbins or sections

Hi all. This is my first day here- what a brilliant forum!
So I have a question. I haven’t knittied intarsia before and I have a pattern for a Union Jack pillow from ravelry and I’m wondering to do it right do I actually need to have 13 different yarns or bobbins hanging off the backside ? When I run the same yarn he fabric puckers. Could anyone please give me some advice? Thank you so much. X

Welcome to KH!
You would need to carry 13 bobbins or butterflies for parts of the design. I would strand the white across the red stripes just to cut down on the number. If you don’t pull on the yarn, cross it over without tension and stretch out the sts on the right needle it’ll lessen the puckering from the carried yarn.
It’s a very good looking pillow. Enjoy working it!

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Thank you so much!!