Intarsia tension.... What could I be doing wrong?

I’m including a photo of a previous intarsia piece of knitting to show my problem. These are just straight panels of intarsia and I would expect shouldn’t be a problem… photos of intarsia work done by others look so even! I’ve done intarsia knitting a number of times, and to some degree always experience this uneven tension problem. I’ve viewed the video on this site but it doesn’t solve my problem - doesn’t mention tension problems - and I seem to be going about intarsia the right way as far as “twisting” the two yarns when changing colours. But obviously I go haywire with the tension of my stitches in the immediate area of the colour change.

Looking at the inside of the knitting in the photo, above the collar, every second row seems worse… do you think it could be a problem with either the knit or purl row in particular?

When not knitting intarsia I automatically have quite even tension. Its never a problem. But when it comes to intarsia I just cannot get those stitches the same size :wall:; I’ve tried pulling a little tighter on the yarn for the first stitch, I’ve tried relaxing and trying to keep on knitting evenly without stressing about it, I’ve tried analysing whether its happening on the knit or purl rows or both… and I’m going crazy with frustration! HELP PLEASE!! :help:

I have the same problem, I noticed it is the join on the purl side for me that always seems looser. I don’t have a solution for it tho, except I just pull a bit tighter and I hope that a trip through the washer and dryer will even it out a bit better…

It still looks 120% better than my tension while stranding, so it doesn’t bug me too much.

I’m glad I’m not the only one having this problem, Krystal. But my perfectionist streak hates not being able to get the tension right, so that my intarsia will look pretty.

I was thinking about how I knit. I do the English method and don’t let go of my needles - I’ve seen people let go of the right hand needle when working each stitch, but I keep it rested in my hand and its quite a smooth knitting motion. However, when having to twist one yarn round the other for intarsia I need to let go of the right needle, and perhaps that change in rhythm affects my tension.

I guess no one has any help for us… I knit continental, and also don’t let go… except for a quick second to loop the bobbin… But my purl side looks atrocious compared to the rest. Yours looks considerably better than mine does. I am going to assume I am just not keeping my tension tight enough…

I’m not sure since I haven’t done much intarsia. Tension problems usually just get better with practice though. :shrug: