Intarsia single stitch advice

Hi all, I’m making a baby blanket with this logo (yes, its wonder woman😆) in the middle. Anyone got any advice on how to deal with the single stitches? I’ve practised a couple of options 1) carrying across / strand 2) new bobbin every time.
Both work but I’ve only worked it on a small swatch so keen to get some expert thoughts before I embark on the bigger piece and if mixing the occasional stranded stitch with intarsia makes a difference the end result?

Thank you

If they’re only one or two stitches, I’d finish the main colours then do the odd 1 or 2 stitches with duplicate stitch.

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Oh, I hadn’t considered duplicate stitches. That’s a smart idea. Will have a look at the chart and plot that out. Thank you.

How many colors will you work with? I would combine intarsia and stranded and carry the “W” color only between the first and final use on that row plus one one or two stitches before the first and after the last stitch of that color on that row.

If you carry the background color across then you have no worries for the single stitch background color. As a blanket you would need to wrap the carried color every other stitch to keep the carried color floats short.

Here is a stranded work video about catching the floats.
Stranded Floats

And here is a video that claims to be Fair Isle style floats.
Fair Isle Floats


I like the duplicate stitch idea but I’d swatch first to check out the look of the slightly raised/bulkier stitch. If I was to do it that way I’d probably opt to knit up the entire logo in colour B and so all the colour A detail in duplicate, not just parts of it. If that makes sense? To keep continuity.

Another option is to intarsia colour B always dropping colour A on each side then have an additional small ball of colour A to carry between stitches and rows through the logo, including using it for the longer row section. I would not bring the main yarn balls of colour A across the logo at all as it looks to me like it will get trapped on the wrong side or you’d be forced to carry it across the entire row which could be considerably long with this logo in the centre.
The row prior to the long line of colour A you’d need to carry across to near the edge of the logo to ready it for the row above.

Edited as I think I made a mistake of the names colour A and B but I hope the general idea makes sense!


Thanks all for thoughts and advice. I did a swatch of duplicate stitches and its a great idea for the odd stitch but I think I’ve got too many singles to only duplicate those making it a bit uneven and, as Creations predicted, if I do the whole W as duplicates it becomes too raised. Excellent reminder that duplicates are an option tho, I hardly ever use them and I probably should / could.

The videos from OffJumpJack are super helpful but I’m sort of trying to avoid having too many floats because I fear the baby might pull at them or get teeny finger caught. But I didn’t know how to catch floats before so that was really helpful for future projects. Thank you.

So, I think the intarsia option that Creation suggests is the way to go using a couple of smaller bobbins to work the middle bit of the W.

This will be my first multi bobbin attempt, having only worked with three before on a more blocky intarsia project so I can forsee a tangle of bobbins in my very near future :rofl::rofl:

If I ever finish this I’ll post a pic of the final result - front and back :wink::pray:


Glad you have a plan for your project.
You’ll still need some floats in the back of this logo even with the additional little balls. Often floats float across several stitches but as you’ve mentioned little fingers which can get caught you mightnwant to catch the float on every stitch (or rather it is every other) like when weaving in ends as you knit.
There are videos for weaving in as you knit and it makes a very neat back with everything fully held in place. Maybe have a look at that if you haven’t done it before. I find it a very comfortable way of catching floats too with the float in my left hand goungnuo and down behind my needle whkstnjnthrow the working yarn with my right hand.
Depends how you knit and what’s comfortable for you.

If you did end up with concerning floats you could consider an additional panel sewn onto the back to cover the area.

Good luck with this.

Thanks, yes I agree, there will be some floats just hopefully a minimal amount. :crossed_fingers:Will definitely check out the weaving in videos, I’ll need to brush up those skills. I had actually thought about an additional panel so will maybe take a view at the end to see how I’ve done!!

Thanks again :pray:

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Took me a while (other projects on the go) but I just about managed to finish before baby arrives - well, apart from a few blue ends to weave in and a quick block! Thanks for all the helpful advice to get the centre logo sorted!


And sorted out the central logo is! It’s gorgeous. Wonder Woman herself will want one next.


Great result!

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