Intarsia - maple leaf (specific question)

Hi. I have watched numerous videos by now about intarsia and feel as if I mostly get it, but still need some clarification.

I will use this chart for a scarf:

My confusion is mainly when the red starts expanding: after the leaf stem at row 6, it grows by 5. So, at this point, would it be best to start a NEW bobbin of red to avoid an unsightly float?

To begin: I would have the first white, red (stem), then a second white, then at row 6, start a second red (and abandon the red that would have still been in the centre from the stem or use that to keep travelling out? or wouldn’t matter?).

Any input would be appreciated!

Welcome to KH!
You could start a new strand or you could carry the red yarn behind the white. The way I do this is on row 5, after knitting the stem, I carry the red yarn for another 5sts and then drop it in preparation for row 6. Catch the carried yarn once as you would for fair isle knitting so that you don’t have that long float behind the pattern.

The back of the scarf is going to show the crossing over of the two colors so carrying the red with catching the float isn’t going to look so different.

I work intarsia exactly like salmonmac, because I really hate sewing in the left over tails. They almost always find a way to show themselves after wear when you don’t knit with wool. I’m allergic to wool, so that’s that.:slight_smile: