Intarsia Knitting Help

Hi All, I am new to the forum and new to knitting. I am not sure how I use the intarsia method of knitting to make a scarf. I want to make a stripy scarf and wondering if you can show or explain how I start a new row in a new colour?

Thanks and I look forward to learning more about knitting from this forum!

If you’re making stripes along the short side, you don’t need any special techniques. Depending on the width of the stripes and the number of color changes, you can either just cut your yarn and leave a tail to weave in later and start knitting with the new color, or carry the yarn up the side.

If you want stripes along the length of the scarf, the easiest and best-looking way is to cast on stitches on a long circular needle for the length of the scarf and then change your yarn for the stripes.

Intarsia is messy on the back, so I’m not sure it’s the best for a scarf unless you knit it in the round.

Thanks so much for your help :wink: Appreciated!

Another idea for a stripe scarf is to make it wide enough so it can be folded in half along its length and then sew all along the long edge… and use fringe to hold the shorter ends closed. Hope that makes sense. The perk to this is - even though I know this is “bad” - you can just tie all the ends of yarn together to keep them from unraveling and then everything is hidden inside when you are done. (You’re not supposed to ever tie knots in knitting but I, um, don’t always follow that rule…)

Make it as long as you want and change stripe colors whenever you want.

I made a scarf like this years ago and it was nice and toasty warm for winter. It’s about 6 feet long and looking at it it seems to be 48 stitches across… I used big needles, maybe 10 1/2? All in stockinette stitch. Been a long time. Still love that scarf for cold weather although I never liked the hat I made to latch it.

Of course if you are going for a fashion scarf this may not help you.