Intarsia knitting for the first time

Hello! I am doing intarsia knitting for the first time and running into some issues. Everything I’ve watched says to hold the old yarn color to the left and underneath that, bring the new yarn color underneath to avoid a hole in the work. However, I still have holes! Any common mistakes I could be making?
I also have “floating yarn” in the back of my work, which I thought I wasn’t supposed to have. Not sure what I could be doing wrong. I will attach a picture of the pattern for reference. Thanks! :slight_smile:

At the top of the page are videos. Click the advanced knitting link and go to intarsia. You could also check YouTube. I’ve not done intarsia before, but I’ve seen it done and it shouldn’t have floats or holes. How far are you into it? Maybe you just need to go a little further so the yarns get pulled properly for a few rows.