Intarsia help please

Hi all,

I’m new to the board.
I have searched everywhere but have been unable to find an answer to the following. When knitting intarsia if you have to add or subtract more than one stitch in a motif and therefore had to change colour. How do you do it coz if the yarn is not waiting for you at the next stitch you would have to stretch the yarn you had been using over several stiches?? It is reall irritating me that I cannot figure it out :wall: .Do you add another bobbin of yarn?


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Carry the yarn that’s not in use back to the area where it will be used by catching it every 3 or 4sts with the working yarn. You can catch the unused yarn float so that it doesn’t form a long loop just the way you catch the unused yarn in fair isle. Here’s a pretty good drawing of catching the float (twisting the working yarn and carried yarn).

thankyou for your help :woot: