Intarsia - EDITED AGAIN - new 2

I’m doing intarsia for the first time, just a really basic set of vertical stripes up the side of a sleeve. I’m really clear on how to twist the yarns together when switching colors once all of the strands have been started, but how do I make that initial join of each new color?

I used to do a more complicated join, but after reading an article recently on joining a new color I found out about a much easier way.

Just make a slip knot on your new color and pull that through as your first stitch of the new color. When you make your second stitch, make sure the old color is held over to the left on top of the new strand on the back before you knit it. It will twist and no holes!

Ingrid, I’m having a hard time picturing what you mean. When you say make a slip knot and pull that through as your first stitch, do you mean make a slip knot and put it on the left needle and work that as the first stitch?? If so, what about the stitches already on my left needle that are supposed to become the color section??

Normally we pull our wrap through to make a stitch, right? When you change color, pull the slip knot through as the wrap. You’re basically starting the knitting with new yarn, but the slip knot helps it not pull through very loosely.

Ahhhhh, okay now I get it. Thanks!!

I also read of another method in the Vogue Ultimate Knitting book about on the first stitch of the new color, knit with both the new color AND the old color, then drop the old color and keep going. Does that also sound feasible?

You you mean knit two together and wrap with both colors?

No, this is what it says exactly (hope it’s okay that I type this bit out…):

“Wrap first the old and then the new yarn knitwise and work the first stitch with both yarns. Drop the old yarn. Work the next two stitches with both ends of new yarn. Drop the short end of the new color and continue working with the single strand. On the following row, work the three double stitches as single stitches.”

Whadda ya think? :thinking:

That would certainly secure the yarn, but I can’t help but wonder if the double stitches would look different and stand out. Since the book suggests it, it probably would be ok. :thinking:

I’ll try it and will let you know! I’ve never tried something out of the Vogue book that hasn’t worked so I have quite a bit of faith in it! :thumbsup:

That was my thought, too. Vogue knitting has been around for quite a while. Please let me know how it works!

Alright, I need an opinion or two here. I’m re-thinking my strategy for what I have in mind here. This is the look I’m going for with the sleeves, although this is not the pattern I’m using:

I tried it once with a seperate bobbin of yarn for EACH of the small stripes, so in other words three bobbins for the center of the sleeve and one ball of yarn for each side. Each stripe is only 2 stitches wide.

It was just way too much stuff in a small section of my work. So I’m wondering if I could just strand the yarn instead of having seperate bobbins for each??? I’m new to intarsia and any type of color work for that matter so I don’t know what effect stranding would have. Would it make it too bulky in that section? It’s only 6 stitches total so I don’t know how much difference it would make overall but still, some opinion please?

I’d go with stranding if you only have two stitches on each stripe. As long as you stretch the work on your right needle, you’ll avoid puckers. You could have one white and one purple that way. I don’t think this section would be particularly bulky, and the stripe would hide any difference in thickness, anyway.

Thanks again, Ingrid! :thumbsup:

Okay, so I decided to just do one wide stripe and if I feel like it afterwards, duplicate stitch a narrow stripe of the light pink color once all is said and done. It was too much going on for my first attempt at intarsia.

This wide stripe is much more manageable but I’m not sure how to make the color changes look better.

If you’ll see in the picture that the stitch before and after each color change, seemingly only on the right side rows, is really loose and very open in the center of the stitch. I’ve tried everything to change that. Making the first stitch of each color tighter/looser/etc. and nothing seems to change it. Is that normal for intarsia?? I’ve also tried tightening each of those stitch by pulling the corresponding stitches tighter with a tapestry needle on the back side of my work every few rows and it doesn’t seem to help either.

Any suggestions? Or will it just get better with time? I’m certain that I’m doing it properly because the back looks exactly how it should look with the loops of colour going up intertwined at each colour switch.

That looks super to me! I tried intarsia last night and ended up frogging. I can’t get the other side to look right. :rollseyes:

You see what I mean though about those edge stitches looking kind of ‘baggy’??? Of course if it is consistently that way on the whole sleeve, no big deal, right? But I just envision myself becoming better at intarsia as I go, afterall I have 2 whole sleeves to make :lol: and the rest looking way better than the beginning.

Now someone tell me WHY that Ingrid needs to have a day job??? WE NEED HER!!! :wink: :roflhard:

By the way, thanks Jan for the compliment! :smiley:

I read in ‘The Knitter’s Bible’ something that helped me figure out how to twist the yarns together so that the back side looks right. No matter if you’re working on the knit side or the purl side, when changing colours you always bring the OLD color to the left and pick up the new color from under it and start knitting.

I really don’t see any bagginess to it. I love the way it looks!

I have the Knitter’s Bible. I’ll have to try again. I just wanted to do something simple and I thought these felted potholders would be a good place to start. I think maybe having all the diagonals is messing me up. Maybe I’ll try it again with just a square or stripe.

Yeah, the straight verticle stripe is enough for me to handle right now as far as intarsia! But I think with all things, it will just take practise and even the diagonals will be easy one day if we try! By the way, I saw the potholder pattern that you have and it’s really really cute!

Again, thanks for your kind words.

If I don’t have a job, how will I pay for yarn!!!

Since you don’t actually knit the last and first stitch of the light pink, it will appear different than the other stitches. I’m not sure what you can do to change this, if anything. When I get home, I’m going to look at the intarsia I just did on a baby sweater and see if it looks like yours. I guess I don’t examine my work that closely as I do it!

I do notice, though, come to think of it, that when I do the purl side, I make a point to really make sure that the stitches that were on the edges last time get a good tightening.

As I said, I don’t know if it makes much of a difference, but I’ll take a pic when I get home and we can compare.