Intarsia and my knitting

Ok for christmas my MIL loves Mickey Mouse, I wanted to knit a red/black/white booga bag and then put on Mickey Mouse’s Face.

Would it be possible, after I’ve felted and dried it to do like a cross stitch and put his face on? Is there another way to do it? I’m new to putting in designs and you may say this is way over your head and I’ll just stick to the linning on the inside being Mickey. What do you ladies think? Is it possible?



Needle felting!!! That would work great. You’d need roving, felting needles (probablly a felting tool too–which is a thing that holds several needles together) and a piece of foam. Fiber trends makes a kit, but you LYS should have some resources for you.

I wonder if it would work if you used duplicate stitch to put the image on the bag and then felted the whole thing. You would have to deal with some fuzzyness that could be shaved but if the image were big enough it might work out.

I remember seeing something on knitty gritty about cross stitching on a bag, it wasn’t felted, but they did show examples of ones that were felted. the guest did the duplicate stitch to put the design on and then felted it. pattern is here. it should give you an idea of what you can do without that whole needle felting thing.

Thanks for the suggestions! Felting needles? I feel like I learn something new everyday! I’ll have to check this out :slight_smile: