Intarsia and bobbins

I am starting the long leaf coat with over 35 colors. Need some advice on managing all the colors and bobbins. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

I haven’t worked intarsia with so many colors. This must be a gorgeous project.
Here are a tutorial and a video that may help:

What pattern are you following? Your description reminds me of Kaffe Fassett patterns.

Yes, it is the Kaffe Fassett Long Leaf Coat.

I bought a ton of Bob-EEz bobbins, and have a table full of skeins, and a spreadsheet with the color list.

It isn’t so much the knitting, while a challenge I think that will be ok, it is just the amount of colors. Once I take the paper label off the skeins.

Also, the BobEEz rubber bobbins dont seem to lock very well

It may help maintain order to keep the bands on the skeins and pull from the center of the skeins. Small butterflies work fairly well and mostly stay wound.
Here’s one knitter’s suggestions about labeling yarns
Even though I dislike weaving in extra ends, I have used Eunny Jang’s tip of long loose strands of yarn which can easily be detangled. I find that butterflies and bobbins just get in the way and complicate the tangles.