Instead of a cable needle I used a_____(fill in the blank)

I am doing my 1st cabled scarf and can’t find my cable needle (that came in my teach yourself to knit book- can’t find 1/2 the stuff that was in there now!)

I have used:
a big paperclip (and I like this!)
another smaller knitting needle
a yarn needle

I usually put the stitches back up on the left needle instead of knitting them from my makeshift cable needle though- it’s easier.

What have you used?

I’ve used a ballpoint pen or pencil, bobby pin, option tip…

hair stick


Ink pen
Just let em hang free for a second

[li]A pen top (the part that hooks over the edge of a pocket)[/li][li]One of the silver metal loop parts of a black clip for clipping papers together[/li][li]A locking stitch marker[/li][li]A toothpick[/li][li]A stitch holder[/li][li]The end of a key[/li][li]A circular needle[/li][li]A DPN[/li][li]A tightly-rolled piece of paper (Post-It note-sized)[/li][*]A twig.[/ul]

No needle at all–kept losing and dropping cable needles so I finally learned how to cable without a needle. It works great as long as purl stitches aren’t part of the cable and the yarn is wool because those stitches just seem to sit up and wait to be picked up by the needle again.

I used a DPN until I learned how to cable without a needle.

I use a DPN that’s close in size to the regular needle I’m knitting with.

a cuticle stick or nothing.
The cable needle is so slippery

We are certainly a resourceful (and compulsive) group. :smiley:

My most creative one was a dinner fork when I was out to supper with a friend. She fussed, so I switched to using the little “saber” toothpick on which the maraschino cherries in my Bahama Mama had come.

Note to self: add “friends don’t let friends drink and cable” to the important information thread

dpn, but they are a little long/clumsy, at least for me
pin-style stitch holder
crochet hook
big safety pin

I’m a big fan of safety pins anyway, dating back to my college days as a theater major. Any “wardrobe malfunction” could usually be fixed with something from the chain of 30+ safety pins chained together and running from shoulder to shoulder of my clothing. :slight_smile: Now, the biggie safety pin is my new “must have” multi-tool in the project bag - works as a temporary stitch holder on a raglan shoulder, emergency cable needle, helps pick up the stitch you just dropped, and it acts as the “key” when I need to change tips on my KP Option Harmonies. :slight_smile:

“Instead of a cable needle I use [U]the needles I’m knitting with[/U]”.

I don’t like using cable needles. Grumperina has a great tutorial on knitting cables without a needle if anyone is interested:

There are 2 links on the bottom of the page - one for right twist and one for left twist.

Here’s how I do my cables. I put together a little video tutorial on doing them without a cable needle AND without that dangerous slipping stitches off the needle thing. LOL:)

Don’t mind the background noise my kids decided at that very moment that they HAD to get the dishes done.:zombie:

Wow, a cuticle stick is a great idea because of that extra grabbiness from the wood. Ditto for the rolled up paper! You guys are so creative. I’ve just used a DPN to make do, but I’m going to see what else is laying around that I could stick in my bag.

My finger (I’d do without but I’m terrified of dropping stitches and having to tink back a whole row)
The closed end of a pair of scissors
A key
circ needles
various cords for my computer (not in use at the time I used them to hold knitting stitches) or the jack end of a pair of headphones
a rubber band

I’ve used a pin-style stitch holder before, but I generally don’t use a cable needle so… I use a nothing. :slight_smile:

Mostly no needle at all.
toothpick - expecially on size 0, 1 or 2 needles
safety pin - any type, stitch marker types to sewing types, to stitch holder types (easy to keep attached to the knitting so they don’t get lost when not in use)
pen (remove the ink tube)

Really? - A key?? You must have small keys or use large knitting needles!

Fibernut - I’ll have to try out your needleless method. I usually switch the stitches around but with my current socks on size 1, I have a hard time getting the dropped stitches back on the needle so it is taking longer then using a holder.

RE:fibrenut’s video
This is how I thought cableing was done, before I was a knitter. I had no idea (until I actually started knitting myself) that people used special cable needles.
I’ve always thought this method (or other similar ones) made so much more sense than using an extra needle or what have you.

I’ve used a variety of things from toothpicks to dpn’s to pencils. I have wooden cable needles now and tend to stick them up between the arm of my glasses for “safe keeping” I tend to forget they are there and will be walking around town with this brown or rainbow stick stuck in my glasses. (I have a set of Brittany and a set of Harmony cable needles).