Inspired by knitpurlgirl

Both of my children go to the school where I teach as transfer students. Last year was my daughter’s kindergarten year. My DD has always had issues with tantrums and calming herself down. When anything is overwhelming to her in anyway there is always the possibility of a meltdown, so needless to say my DH and I were worried about kindergarten. She surprised all of us and did wonderful during the school day, but things were not always so wonderful after school while I was staying to grade papers, clean up, etc. The principal of the school asked to have a meeting this week with my husband and myself to try to work together to come up with some positive ways to make this a better school year for DD during the times she was not in class. Without going into details, the meeting did not go as well as we hoped it would. This has stressed me out to the point where I can’t even eat without getting sick, and I am having a hard time wanting to even be at the school working. But, getting to my point of this whole post, the one thing that keeps going through my mind is that knitpurlgirl moved to a completely different state to achieve a better life for her son. If she can do that then I can do something that is going to be difficult for me. I can speak up to advocate for my daughter because if I don’t no one else will. So thank you Karrie for teaching me a very valuable lesson. :hug: