Inside->Out Rectangle or Outside->In Rectangle

Has anyone ever seen any patterns/directions for knitting just a simple rectangle, either from the outside to the center or starting at the center and going to the outside? I’d like to make rectangles that would have contrasting yarn that would show up as ?concentric? rectangles.

Is this possible? Seems like it might be…

Any input appreciated.

I’ve seen some info on the web about “miters” which is useful, but it doesn’t have the other side of the rectangle!


:thinking: You can do a square that way by starting at one corner and increasing at the beginning of each row until it’s as wide as you want it in the center, switching colors and decreasing at one edge until you get to the other point.

I’m not sure how you’d do a rectangle, though. I suppose you could experiment and do more than one increase on a side and see if that gets you a rectangle. :thinking:

Thanks, Ingrid

I’ve actually done that “starting at one corner and increasing at the beginning of each row” square. And the Counterpane square is worked in that fashion as well.

Let’s see if I can better describe what I’m interested in…

starting at the outside of the rectangle, all four sides, say an inch or so, would be maybe green, then the next color inside that, all four sides, would be say blue, then continuing alternating colors into the center. Is that any more descriptive?

Maybe I’m dreaming, hallucinating, but it seems like it might be possible…


the only way i can think of doing that is by doing some intarsia work…but i am also not very imaginative! :wink:

Maybe if you started in the center and worked your way out somehow? Start with a small rectangle, then pick up stitches all the way around, but increasing at the corners for a mitered edge?


That’s funny…I was just trying to work out in my mind how it might possibly be done starting on the outside edge on circular needles…
Guess I’ll just hafta play around with a small piece & see what happens…