Inside out Knitting in the round?

I have been doing alot of knitting in the round lately and have noticed that it is always inside out. It really hasn’t been a problem yet. I have always just finished it and turned it right side out. But I was thinking today I wonder what I do wrong to get it inside out? I have watched Amy’s video and really can’t see the difference in how I do it and how she does. But there must be something I am missing. Does any one know?


You’re probably knitting on the inside of the ring rather than the outside.

Your needles should be closest to you with the cable away from you. It’s been compared to sipping from a cup. The needles should be where you sip from.

Oh, so that’s the reason. I do the same thing and was wondering why that was! :rofling:

I did the same thing too when I started. I had almost the exact same question, I coud not figure out why it was wrong. It was for a felted bag, so I just turned it inside out and since it was felted, it really did not make a whole lot of difference. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ingrid!
It is good to know I am not the only one!

Naw you are not the only one!
When knitting in the round I knit with the needles away from me and on the outside. My stuff is always inside out too - I consider it a bonus.
The finished surface is protected from dirt!

I did the same thing the 1st time I knit with circs, made an odd looking hat for my son… :frog: pond :wink: I was lucky enough to have found this site thanks to my friend google.

Hey, I just thought of something! Maybe that’s why I had a problem with the zig zag cable on my Hermione hat! :thinking:
Oh, I’ll have to figure out how to knit right side out and see if that fixes the problem!

If I’m doing a top down sweater in the round, I knit the top of my sweaters inside out on purpose and then switch to the normal way for the bust downward. This is so I can get the should/neck area even smaller, not that this actually makes a huge difference. Now that I think of it, it gets kinda hard to knit inside out once you get to a certain length…

I’ve been knitting in the round with the “good” side to the inside. Will it really make a difference doing it this way? I’ve only done a few projects in the round and will try to change, but I don’t want to if there is no difference, this feels more natural to me.



It did for me too until I got used to do it the other way, now it seems easier to knit ‘on the outside’ of the work, hehe. It got kind of hard to work on the inside when I was doing something small like socks. :frog:


I have been trying to knit with the right side out but the other way feels so much more natural to me. Yesterday I knit one of those easter eggs and could really see why knitting inside would be a problem. The decreases made such a [size=2]tiny[/size] hole it would have been really hard to pull the rest of the egg through it.

I guess now it is up to me and my mood on wheter or not I knit inside out or not. Gotta love choices! :smiley: