Inherited old yarn

I just received some old yarn. It is from brunswick worsted mills inc.
100% pure virgin wool, hand washable and mothproof. I have 8- 2 oz. skiens, what can I do with this? This lady did alot of rug hooking, well from her supplies it appears she did. Think this was some yarn for those crafts? Can I use this for wearable items?
Ive been gone for awhile pursuing other crafts but I’m back knitting again. Can’t give up a good thing!!!:muah:

You may fine it too rough and scratchy to make a hat or scarf from. Maybe felt a small bag or mitts.

I was given about 8 skeins of this yarn myself and I’ve been making
felted bags from it. I took the booga bag pattern and modified it
a bit and all the girls in the family are getting one for Christmas! :slight_smile:


It sounds like a nice classic all-purpose wool. You can make anything you want out of it; 16 oz should be enough for a sweater or vest. Can’t see why it would be too itchy if you don’t wear it right next to your skin, or why you’d need to felt it unless you want to make something felted.

What weight is the yarn? How many yards per 2-oz. skein? This information will give you a better idea of the possibilities.