Ingrid, your idea works!

Hi, Ingrid! I did find a batman chart, finally, and today I went to the big business store and had them make me three transparencies of the knitting graph paper. Three so I have some ready next time! I had the batman chart shrunk, because this is a small kidlet sweater and it needs to fit into about fifty stitches, and now I will put it under the transparency and trace it. Of just tape it to the back. We’ll see. Very cool idea, girl! Thanks for it. Tonight I will continue the top down sweater, which, being black, is making me nutso! And I will turn the newly traced design transparency upside down so I knit it rightside up!! Wouldn’t it be awful if I forgot to do it upside down!!! Yikes! :doh: Thanks again for the idea! samm

:cheering: :cheering: I’m glad it’s working for you. :happydance: